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The Lyrics of His Songs May be Plain But Strikes a Chord With His Listeners | Meet Saurav Moktan From Sikkim – an Engineer, and a Musician

From a small state in the Northeastern part of India – Sikkim, this 27-year-old singer/songwriter who is a man of few words found his way through music as a constant companion. Today, music has become a tool for him to spread hope to his listeners – to convey that music can heal – just like it healed him.

Although a full-time engineer, not only is he singing and writing songs on the side,  but also winning awards at rock festivals, and also releasing an album soon! Let’s have a chat with this singer/songwriter from Gangtok and find out more about him.

We chat with Saurav Moktan from Sikkim about his passion and love for music, his future projects and more.

rootsandleisure_Saurav moktan

Photo: Sourav Moktan

  • Hi Saurav, please introduce yourself.

My name is Saurav and I was born and raised in Gangtok, Sikkim. I am 27 years old, songwriter and vocalist for the band Perfect Stickfigure Illustrations (P.S.I.). I am an engineer by profession and currently working full-time with Tourism and Civil Aviation Department, Sikkim.

  • How did it all start? And what kind of music do you make?

I think it all started when I was still in high school when my friends would encourage me saying I sing well. I took those kind words as compliments but never really thought I would pursue it with this much passion. In other words, I never dreamt of becoming a singer. Moreover, I was initially drawn to writing lyrics and composing songs. Now, however, I am just discovering myself, and I actually enjoy singing and being a frontman for a band. After all, it’s a journey and – with each step a path towards discovering yourself.

“The songs that I write are mostly about events/situations that I have experienced in life and value the most. Honestly, my lyrics are very simple and I wish to keep it like that so that the listeners can relate to it.”

An original composition by Saurav “Their Last Goodbyes”

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“..There’s a picture inside my head,

where the colors and the paints they never fade,

I remember those days ….

With the sea of lights under the open sky,

waving their last goodbyes,

I just found myself…”

  • What has been your most memorable performance so far?

To be honest each stage is memorable for me. I get to see people enjoying my music and that is probably the warmest feeling ever. The most unforgettable stage would be Hornbill International Rock Contest, 2017 where we bagged the runners-up position. The crowd was overwhelming and it was an amazing feeling. The cherry on top was winning the prize.

Saurav and his band after Winning the Runners-up trophy at Hornbill International Rock contest 2017.

rootsandleisure_saurav moktan

Saurav and his bandmates – Perfect Stickfigure Illustrations (PSI)

  • Growing up in Sikkim, how did your roots/culture influence your style or choice of music?

Northeast India, in general, has been a powerhouse of talented musicians so I grew up listening to a lot of local artists. I would listen to music whenever I was sad, happy or even on a mundane day. Music was always a part of me. Like many of my friends in my hometown, I was especially fond of alternative rock genre so the songs that I compose have an alternative spice to it. Playing gigs here in Gangtok has helped me understand the local audience , hence my writings are very personal and that allowed me to connect to people who listen to it.

  • Where do you get your creative energy?

Being in P.S.I. gave me an amazing experience, the band members themselves have inspired me in immeasurable ways. With their immense support and professionalism, I could see the improvements they brought in me as a vocalist and could see myself evolve as a performer and a musician. So , I would give that trophy to them for being my inspiration.

  • What do you hope people take away from your Music?

I hope people can weigh off their burden even for a little while whenever they listen to my music . I write songs that are inspired by real-life experiences or events so that the listeners can relate to them and find solace through it.

  • What is keeping you busy these days?

We (his band “Perfect Stickfigure Illustrations”) are currently working on releasing our first album. This project is called “PERFECT STICKFIGURE ILLUSTRATIONS.” Please look forward to it.

To listen to his soulful covers and originals, follow Saurav on  Instagram. Don’t forget to cheer him on!

rootsandleisure_Saurav moktan

Photo : Saurav Moktan with Uday Benegal (Frontman of renowned Indie/Alternative rock band Indus creed )

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