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A Chat With Wungyophy A Shipo, Cabin Crew At Etihad Airways, About Her Travel Experience Across The World

Some people travel to seek adventures and some travel to discover new cultures, to find themselves. Every traveler has a different story to tell and today, we have Wungyophy, who shares her globetrotting adventures with us. She hails from Manipur and currently lives in Abu Dhabi working as a cabin crew at the Etihad Airways. Wungyophy said her work has given the greatest opportunity to explore the world and she is more than grateful for it. She lives every moment of her days following her dreams! Let’s find out more about her and her travel diaries. We had a chat with Wungyophy A Shipo, from Manipur to share about her travel experiences and more! Hello! Please introduce a little about yourself. Hello! I’m Wungyophy A Shipo aka Nanao Shipo from Ukhrul, Manipur. I am 31-years-old and currently living in Abu Dhabi, working as a cabin crew for Etihad Airways. “Waking up everyday being grateful that you can still dream higher and follow your heart” defines me. What does travelling mean to you and what inspired …


“My Job Takes Me Around the World and Introduces Me to New Cultures” – A Chat With Sangeeta Sharma, Cabin Crew For Qatar Airways from Manipur

Do you find yourself wishing you can leave your day job and travel full time – or at least save up enough to travel as much as your heart wishes to? Well, some people among us are living the dream – where their job gives them the pass to travel the ends of the world. Sangeeta Sharma from Manipur is one such lucky person. As a cabin crew member with Qatar Airways, she gets to indulge in her passion for travelling, and meeting new people through her day job. She chats with us today to tell us about her trips around the world, her top travel tips and more. We had a chat with Sangeeta Sharma, cabin crew at Qatar airways from Manipur. We’re delighted to have her tell us about why people should travel and her top travel tips! Hi Sangeeta! Introduce a little about yourself and tell us what travelling means to you. My name is Sangeeta Sharma, 23-years-old from Manipur. I’m currently staying in Doha, working at Qatar airways as a cabin …


24-Year-Old Livika Swu from Nagaland Talks About Her Travel Adventures Around the World and Gives Us Her Top Travel Tips

  How exciting is it to see the sunrise in one country and sunset in another? Breakfast in Paris… Lunch in New York… Dinner in London… That is something we all would like to experience once in our lifetime. 24-year-old Livika Swu from Nagaland lives her life out of a suitcase and travels to her dream destinations as part of her job. Livika Swu travels the world as a cabin crew for Qatar Airways. We’re delighted to have her tell us about her favorite destinations and give us her top travel tips. Read on to get a glimpse of what it feels like to meet different people, explore new cultures and work across different times zones all in one day! Hi Livika! We can’t wait to hear your travel stories… But first, tell us a little bit about yourself. I’m am Livika Swu from Dimapur, Nagaland. I am 24 years old and currently based in Doha, Qatar. I’m part of the cabin crew for Qatar Airways. I love traveling, meeting people from different parts of the …