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These Indian Cosplayers Will Blow Your Mind!

A Brilliant Cosfest organized in Nagaland by the Nagaland Anime Junkies Are you a Cosplay fan or know anyone who is? Did you know that a pretty awesome Cosfest happened this month in our very own Nagaland? Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it there, but from what we’ve heard from our contributors, we missed out on a lot of rare fun! Here are a few photos and also a video from the event to give you a taste of what we are talking about. Behold the 4th edition of Nagaland Anime Junkies (NAJ) Cosfest 2016!!Because as a wise man once said, “When given the opportunity, wear a costume.” Meet the Team behind NAJ “NAJ was first started as an effort to create a community for anime fans in Nagaland. We wanted to coin a platform where they could share and interact with other fellow anime enthusiasts. We now have a fan following from all over india and our cosplay events are no longer limited to anime alone. We are open to all genres and we try …


The Man Behind NAJ Cosfest’s Brilliant Video Coverage – Sanen Jamir aka The Skid Reviewer

Meet Sanen Jamir – the guy who shot a fun video covering Nagaland’s vibrant Cosfest that was held this month at Kohima. While looking up for people who could tell us a bit more about the event, we hit gold when we discovered Sanen’s brilliant YouTube channel where he uploads great stuff under the pseudonym The Skid Reviewer. Turns out Sanen is an avid follower of comics, movies, games and all things geek! We just had to know more! “I have tremendous respect for the Nagaland Anime Junkies (NAJ). In a society that is as divided and fragmented as ours, an event like this – where we can come together despite our differences and have conversations on art, literature, and creativity – is always positive and needs our support.”   So tell us a bit more about yourself?  I hail from Dimapur and presently work as a part of the editorial team in the Morung Express. For years, I wanted to create a YouTube channel about the things that I enjoyed, you know, things that made me a little less …


Meet Hopong – The Photographer Behind the Exclusive Cosfest Photos

Meet Hopong Chang – the guy whose coverage of the wonderful Cosfest that was held last week in Nagaland has brought the event tons of publicity. We caught up with Chang to find out more about his work. “I am actually not a full time photographer. I work for the forest department here in Nagaland but I try to find time for my hobby. Ever since I was a kid, I walked around with a camera and shooting subjects that were intriguing to me. But I started taking it more seriously only in 2013 – that was when I bought my first DSLR camera. People inspire me. So shooting portraits, weddings and a little bit of fashion photography comes natural to me.” Nagaland Anime Junkies (NAJ)4th Annual Cosfest July 2016, Kohima | Cosplay-Ciel &Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler) Cosplayers-Meyidem Yaden& Tiajungla Here are a few more pics from Hopong’s fashion and wedding photography portfolio: