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The Man Behind NAJ Cosfest’s Brilliant Video Coverage – Sanen Jamir aka The Skid Reviewer

Meet Sanen Jamir – the guy who shot a fun video covering Nagaland’s vibrant Cosfest that was held this month at Kohima. While looking up for people who could tell us a bit more about the event, we hit gold when we discovered Sanen’s brilliant YouTube channel where he uploads great stuff under the pseudonym The Skid Reviewer. Turns out Sanen is an avid follower of comics, movies, games and all things geek! We just had to know more!

“I have tremendous respect for the Nagaland Anime Junkies (NAJ). In a society that is as divided and fragmented as ours, an event like this – where we can come together despite our differences and have conversations on art, literature, and creativity – is always positive and needs our support.”


  • So tell us a bit more about yourself? 

I hail from Dimapur and presently work as a part of the editorial team in the Morung Express. For years, I wanted to create a YouTube channel about the things that I enjoyed, you know, things that made me a little less cynical. It could be anything from literature, comic books, science fiction, music, fantasy to games. From a very early age, I used to read a lot of literature; apart from serious literature, cartoons and superheroes are close to my heart. I used to incorporate a lot of lessons I learnt from them onto my studies and I still use them in my work too.

I have always felt that pop culture and the artistic side of humanity is pushed aside as something insignificant. But the way I see it, creativity and imagination are just as important and relevant in our day to day lives – and that is what I want to share through my channel.

  • What is your YouTube channel about?

I started this channel a few months ago to talk about things that interests me. I speak about comics, movies, cartoons, and games – in the same way that I would share those thoughts with my friends over a cup of tea.  Through the channel, I am aiming  to contribute, in my own little way, to encourage creativity in all forms and take local artists to a bigger or international platform. I have one more person on the team – Ashemo Ezung. He is a good friend and helps out a lot!

Do check out Sanen’s YouTube channel to find out cool stuff about local creative artists and pop culture in general.

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