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Our Favorite Men’s Fashion Blogger from Nagaland – Karan Chetri of “The Thrift Ensemble” Shares Outfit Inspirations for New Year’s Eve Party

2018 is almost winding up, and we’ve had a fantastic and memorable year! We hope you guys had a great year too. Having said that, the current mood for most of us is that of finding the best ways to spend the last few hours of the year – with some hoping to spend in solitude – in reflection and charting out the plan for 2019, and some busy planning a get-together party for friends and family, while some folks be excited about welcoming the new year over some celebratory party, or any of the many plans – according to one’s taste. Everything and anything goes . . . let’s just hope we are in the best of shape to say goodbye to 2018 – and welcome the new year! Today’s post is for all the Men who plan to go out on NYE. Our trusted member for Men’s Fashion – Karan Chetri from Nagaland, who runs an Instagram fashion blog called “The Thrift Ensemble” is here to share some great outfit ideas for Men – for …

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“Thrift Shops aka 2nd-Hand-Dukan in Nagaland Are The Best Places to Shop for Fine Formal Suits Without Going Broke” – Karan Chetri, Men’s Fashion Blogger

Nagaland, and in general the Northeast region of India, is known for having one of the trendiest and most fashionable streets in the country. Any style, fad or trend that is seen on TV or SNS (read: social networking site) is, in no time seen sported by uber stylish folks in this part of India.When it comes to men’s fashion though, it’s a little bit of a different story as many feel it is hard to find pieces in the market that are as affordable as women’s clothes. Meet Karan Chetri from Nagaland, a fashionable game-changer who is sharing his secrets to nailing the formal look for men without breaking the bank. A thrift shopper and a non-believer in fast fashion brands, this well-dressed man shows us how to save money and build a wardrobe that looks expensive and classic for the value shopper. With the wedding and holiday season around the corner, all guys take note! [Video at the bottom] R&L chats with the stylish Karan from Kohima, Nagaland (his roots is in Nepal) as he …


Fashion Blogger | Aien Jamir

  Growing up in a small town has its own charm but we all agree that exposure  to the outside world can be limited. But if you look around, you see all these talented people from small towns making an impact – and becoming influencers in their chosen fields. We have one such person today. Meet Aien Jamir –  fashion blogger from Nagaland, who is now a highly influential and sought after personality in the fashion scene in India. Aien Jamir has been featured in top fashion magazines like Vogue India, Elle, Cosmopolitan and the likes. She has also done numerous collaborations with International brands like H&M, Puma, UCB – and has been an insider at Amazon Fashion Weeks.   I reached out to her – and despite her busy schedule, she agreed to share an insight of her work – as a fashion blogger. Here we go. So tell us something about yourself – your background I’m originally from Nagaland, and living in Delhi for the past 9 years. I’am now the Creative Director of …