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#RECIPE | Kerala-Style Fish Curry by Akhila Shekhar from the ‘Pepper Delight’ Blog

Today, we have an authentic Keralan recipe by Akhila Shekhar. Thengapaal Ozicha Meen Curry or Kerala-Style Fish Curry is a rich recipe to balance out your lazy Saturday! Akhila discovered her passion for food only after she got married to her husband, Praveen, the critique for her recipes! When they shifted from India to live in Missouri, USA, she started her blog, Pepper Delight, to improve her culinary skills, learn food styling, and master food photography.  Pepper Delight was made to spread a love for cooking and showcase how easily authentic dishes can be made at home with a focus on native spices. Black pepper is Akhila’s favorite and is a spice native to Kerala, but at the same time, pepper is a global spice and resonates with dishes throughout the world. So, the name Pepper Delight aptly summed up the vision of her blog – staying true to her roots yet not limiting herself in her exploration.  “All authentic Kerala dishes evoke fond memories, but fish recipes like today’s recipe, Thengapaal Ozicha Meen Curry …


Naga Recipe | Local Pond Fish Cooked with Fresh Bamboo Shoot Pieces

If you love fish but haven’t tasted one that has been cooked in Naga spices, then you are missing out big time. Naga fish dishes are easy to make and use minimal ingredients that help retain the freshness of the fish. And the secret to the unique Naga flavor is to add bamboo shoot to the spice mix. It also removes any fishy smell. Today, we have a simple fish recipe made with easy-to-find ingredients and a taste that will not disappoint. This recipe has been contributed by Lilia Jimomi from Nagaland. Full recipe below: Naga Fish Dish with Bamboo Shoot Preparation time: 5 minutes  Cooking time: 25 minutes.  Serves: 6  Ingredients:  6 Nos. of  fresh pond fish (We’ve used local pond fish, but you can use any freshwater fish) 10 local red chilies (boiled and mashed into a paste)   1-2 King chilly (optional) 2 large tomatoes  3 tablespoons of mustard oil  ~200 gms of fresh bamboo shoots – cooked, and in big pieces Some sliced ginger Salt to taste Garlic and fresh red chilies for garnish …


Recipe | Naga Fish Dish Made of Fresh River Fish and Prawns

Who remembers those family picnics to the river side, where everyone  – young and old gets busy catching fish? The day ends with cooking a hearty meal with a huge vessel of rice (to match the big appetite!) – and the fishes caught , with fresh local ingredients and herbs – over an open fire. Absolute bliss! We may not be able to go on such picnics often, but at least we can try to recreate the mood and the appetite in our kitchens. Thanks to our passionate cook – Sochonphy Lunghar, who sends across her very own Naga recipe of rivercatch fresh fish and prawns – cooked with a local ingredient “Tree Tomato or Tamarillo”   Cooking Time: 25-30 minutes Ingredients: 1 kilogram fresh river fish and prawns Local ginger leaves 4 chopped Naga onions 5 hooker chives 1 dry king chilli 3-5 cloves of garlic 2 chopped tree tomatoes 1 tsp turmeric powder Salt to taste Directions to Cook: Clean the fresh river fish and prawns thoroughly; remove the bitter innards from the fish if needed. Put all the ingredients …


#Recipe | Masor Tenga – An Assamese Style Cooked Tangy Tomato Fish Curry

Today we present to you a delicately flavored & light fish curry from Assam by one of our Recipe Contributors – Puravee Bordoloi (@puraveebordoloi). Tenga, as it means sour, is added by using different souring agents like, elephant apple, mangosteen, lemon, tomato, jujube, fermented bamboo shoot, different leafy veggies, etc. Other seasonal veggies like gourds, yam, taro root, cauliflower, potatoes etc. go along with it and make a perfect dish. Cooking Time: 20-25 minutes Ingredients: 6-8 pcs of Rohu fish 3 large cut ripe tomatoes 1 medium sized chopped onion 1 tsp of Fenugreek seeds or five spices 3 chopped green chilies 1 tbsp of Turmeric powder 4 tbsp of Mustard oil 1 glass of lukewarm water Salt to taste Fresh coriander leaves for garnish Method: Marinate the fish with salt and turmeric powder. Heat oil in a pan; fry both sides of the fish and keep them aside. Do not over fry Set the flame on medium. Add fenugreek or the five spices in that hot oil and let it splutter Now add the …


#Recipe | Boroila Fish Cooked With Khutora Xaak And Cherry Tomatoes

Today we have a refreshing and light fish curry from one of our favorite Recipe Contributors Geeta. The small fresh water Boroila fish when cooked with khutora xaak, a variety of Amaranthus and tangy cherry tomatoes, tastes the best when the weather becomes all dry. Cooking time: 20-25 minutes Ingredients: 250 grams of Boroila fish 250 grams of khutora xaak or green amaranthus 1 cup of cherry tomatoes 1/2 tsp of fenugreek seeds 6 garlic pods 1 tsp of mustard oil 1/2 tsp of turmeric powder 2 cups of water Salt to taste Method: Roughly chop the khutora leaves and keep it aside Heat a tsp of mustard oil in a wok, add half tsp of fenugreek seeds or methi seeds to it and let it splutter Add a few pods of garlic, add the khutora leaves and sauté it Add turmeric and salt to taste Add the cherry tomatoes and sauté for around 5 minutes. Smash the tomatoes with a spatula during this process Now add 2 cups of water and let it boil Lastly, add Boroila fish to the …


Recipe | Naga Style Ilish Maach (Hilsa Fish) Cooked with Bamboo Shoot

Today we present to you your weekend recipe Traditionally Cooked Naga Styled Ilish Maas prepared by one of our favorite Recipe contributors, Kristi Kikon. Its one of the famous recipes that comes with flavors of bamboo shoot and Ilish fish and is the most simple way of enjoying your weekend dinner or lunch. Cooking Time: 30-35 minutes Ingredients: 1 kilo Ilish fish Fresh bamboo shoot 2 large tomatoes 8-10 green chillies 7-8 cloves of Garlic 800ml of water (you can add more if you want to have gravy) 3-4 tablespoon Refined Oil Salt to taste Medium size Kadai pan Directions to Cook: Roughly chop the fresh tomatoes and the green chillies. Also peel the garlic and keep aside In the open kadai pan, lay out the fish nicely and spread the tomatoes, green chillies and the bamboo shoot evenly. Add Refined Oil and salt to taste and pour about 850ml of water Cook the fish in medium flame until dry for about 30-35 minutes Evenly spread chopped coriander leaves and smashed garlic across the fish …


Recipe | Mackerel Tin Fish in Bamboo Shoot

Hello! This recipe is for all the busy ones who need to fix a simple yet delicious meal in 15 minutes. So make sure you try this tin fish recipe for your dinner, next time. INGREDIENTS 1 tin / can of fish (we have used mackerel for this dish) 5 cloves of garlic 5 dried red chilly 1 medium sized onion 3 tablespoons of bamboo shoot 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil 1 cup of water DIRECTION TO COOK Heat the oil in a pan. Saute the onions and chillies Mash the garlic and toss them into the pan and fry until light golden brown Pour the canned fish (along with the brine), into the pan. Add bamboo shoot and water Cook on low flame till the water dries up Garnish with fresh coriander and serve with rice.