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Ishani Kanani of Lukka Chhupi talks about her Creative Journey

Lukka Chhupi is to Ishani Kanani what The Chocolate Factory is to Willy Wonka. It’s an expression of urges. Kanani has created an infused mix of bright, quirky and spunky products that can liven up even the dead. Brimming with hand-crafted products using traditional textiles with block prints and tempestuous floral and unwavering geometric patterns, the venture is a box of sweet goodies that makes the heart sing for more. We sat down with the founder of Lukka Chhupi for a talk to learn more about her creative journey.  Lukka Chhupi is an interesting name for a brand. What’s the story behind the decision? Lukka Chhuppi germinated as an idea and a desire to create a scrapbook of sorts; a collection of memories in the form of fabrics accumulated from various places of visit. It is a collection of memories. It is a journey as well as a destination. The story behind the name, on the other hand, begs little to no attention, as it is one of spontaneity and the spur of the moment. ‘Lukka …


“Handmade by Soren” | Crafts Made with Love from Nagaland

Located in the heart of Kohima town in Nagaland, Soren Odyuo is a craft maker whose work embodies the sentiment that “local is lovely”. Each handcrafted item on display in her shop encourages viewers to slow down for a moment, to look, to touch, and to listen. Her handmade crafts celebrate the colorful and exuberant aspects of life and serve as a reminder that a hobby can be both joyful and productive. Soren shares that she started “Handmade By Soren” when friends and family encouraged her to make something worthwhile out of her remarkable gift for transforming ordinary materials into works of beauty. “Every piece of craft in my store is unique and made by hand with love.” ~ Soren of ‘Handmade by Soren’ R&L: As an interior designer with a passion for creating beautiful handmade crafts, how do you manage to balance these two full-time jobs? Soren: Yes, managing two full-time jobs can be challenging, but I enjoy both of them immensely. I work as an interior designer with Zynorique Consultants, an architectural firm based …


The Lady Who Makes Cuddly Crochet Dolls | Ashibo

Someone wise once said, “There are two kinds of people in the world – those who love dolls and those who don’t yet know that they love dolls.” A doll’s journey to being born in its maker’s imagination and then later in our world begins decades earlier. It begins with a gathering of a lifetime of seemingly unrelated skills, which then one day collide and end up in complete and total creative harmony. And then slowly and steadily, dolls carry millions of children across the world into a world of sheer happiness. Today we met up with one such talented maker, Ashibo who has been creating some super cute handmade crochet dolls. Cute and stylish (just like the lady who makes them), it looks as if the dolls await to tell us a story, and Ashibo is their chosen medium. Were we right or were we just making things up in our minds? We asked Ashibo to help us answer. What was the inspiration behind creating these beautiful crochet dolls?  Well, I have always loved knitting …