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#RECIPE | Local Chicken Dish With Sun Dried Bambooshoot By Inali Jane Ayemi From Nagaland

Today’s recipe is a Local Chicken dish cooked with sun dried bamboo shoot, contributed by Inali Jane Ayemi from Nagaland. A home based baker, dessert caterer and an amazing cook, she has been generous enough to R&L by sharing her food recipes for the third time, today. So without any further delay, let’s find out how she has prepared yet another amazing version of her dish.. Local Chicken cooked with Sun dried bamboo shoot is a delicious dry dish contributed by Inali Jane Ayemi, a food blogger and an amazing cook from Nagaland. Ingredients : 1 whole Local Chicken A handful of sun dried Bamboo shoot (not the shredded brown ones we get in the market) Onion (3), Garlic (1 bulb), Ginger (an inch long) Tomatoes (3 medium sized fully riped) Chilli powder (1 tbsp) Culantros (5-6 leaves) A handful of Chives Sesame Oil (1 tbsp) Salt to taste Preparation of the dish : Fry the onion, garlic and ginger Once the onions are translucent, add chopped tomatoes Add the sundried bamboo shoot (after boiling …


Manipuri Recipe | Chicken Cooked With Ginger, Garlic And Local Herbs

Today’s dish is contributed by a food blogger Kupatia Keishing from Manipur. He has shared his version of Local Chicken cooked with few ingredients in a very simple method. It’s both healthy and delicious. Let’s check out how he has prepared the dish. Local Chicken cooked with garlic, ginger and some herbs contributed by a food blogger Kupatia Keishing from Manipur. Ingredients : 1 whole local chicken Herbs such as Ginger (half the serving spoon) Garlic (half the serving spoon) Burma coriander (half the serving spoon) Salt to taste. Preparation of the dish : Boil about a litre of water Add salt when the water is luke warm Add the herbs, ginger and garlic when the water starts boiling After that, add the chicken. Boil until the meat is cooked and soften. The delicious and healthy local chicken dish is ready to serve with a steaming hot bowl of rice.