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A Fun Chat with 19-Year-Old Vareyar Rimai from Manipur on Personal Style and Music

At R&L, we are always on the lookout for individuals and stories that capture the essence of Northeast India. Recently, we had the pleasure of discovering Vareyar Rimai, a 19-year-old aspiring musician from Ukhrul, Manipur, whose unique sense of fashion piqued our interest. In this fun chat, we delve into Vareyar’s personal style and get to know him better. We also want to take this opportunity to remind our readers that Roots & Leisure is alive! ๐Ÿ™‚ We owe it all to the amazing community we’ve built, which continues to connect us with fascinating people who have stories to share. So stay tuned for more inspiring content and let’s continue to celebrate the authentic Northeast way of life! R&L: Hi Rimai, please introduce yourself Vareyar Rimai: Hi ๐Ÿ‘‹ My name is Vareyar Rimai. I’m 19 years old and an aspiring musician. I currently stay in Ukhrul, Manipur. R&L: and who is your favorite musician from the Northeast? Vareyar Rimai: Northeast has many great musicians. Ruata Renthlei, the guitarist for Avora Records is one of my …


“Fashion is about Expressing Myself Without Inhibition” Kaito from Nagaland Shares His Top 5 Winter Outfits for Men

“Fashion is part of the daily air and it changes all the time, with all the events. You can even see the approaching of a revolution in clothes. You can see and feel everything in clothes.” โ€”Diana Vreeland. We chat with Kaito from Nagaland to get some fashion tips for the ongoing cold weather. Not only is his layering game on point, but also his fashion philosophy – which is all about honoring the individual, and making a confident statement through your fashion choices. “I am particularly inclined towards Harajuku fashion and retro vintage styles. I love their appeal of mix-and-match and play with colors. Moreover, Harajuku fashion is a movement against strict societal rules and the pressure to fit the norm.” ~ Kaito from Nagaland. Kaito, 27, from Nagaland Hello Kaito, please introduce yourself. Kaito: Hello, Iโ€™m Kaito. 27 years from Suruhuto, Zunheboto, and based in Kohima. Iโ€™m an engineering grad with MBA currently working with NSRLM (Nagaland State Rural Livelihood Mission). Your fashion posts are so refreshing and bold! What’s your personal definition …

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Fashion Folks Talk Mask Trends and Shopping Choices in the Times of COVID

Whether we like it or not, face masks are going to be a part of our daily lives for some more time. As we adapt to this new lifestyle which was born as a safety measure for you and your loved ones, many of us saw an opportunity for a fashion trend. So we dug a little deeper into the trend, and we found inspiration from among our community who are not only encouraging people to wear masks but are making the most of it through their style. Scroll down and be inspired…ย  Theyiesinuo Keditsu, 39, Assistant Professor, Kohima “COVID has rendered the Mekhalas I wore to work obsolete as well as most of my wardrobe. I spent the first lockdown literally interchanging between two lounging outfits. While I have always shopped sparingly, this pandemic has made shopping for clothing, makeup & most accessories a futile and an insensitive exercise for me personally..given the grave threat of the virus & the suffering it has unleashed. But with so many local businesses – fashion-centered ones included, …

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Students in Shillong from Across NorthEast India, Share What’s Trending | Winter Fashion 2019

Winter in Shillong can be pretty extreme with temperatures dropping as low as 3-4ยฐC. While other parts of the country are warming up with the arrival of January, most states of North East India are experiencing one of the coldest months of the winter season. Well, the cold may dampen your mood on some days, but we at R&L believe in making the most out of every situation. Here,ย the silver lining comes in varied shades of trends and colors as young folks in Shillong dress for the occasion – that of a cold winter’s day with the last leg of festivities still lingering in the air.ย  So today, we haveย Rinyo Valui from Shillong walk the streets of Shillong and take us through the trends rocking the local fashion scene. A first glimpse tells us that there’s more to this season than the usual monochromatic knitwears and black high waisted jeans. The hottest trends in Shillong this season? Turtle neck, beret and beanies, thigh high boots and long coats. So let’s find out what’s trending straight …

Rootsandleisure_NYE Look by Lungzeu7

New Yearโ€™s Eve Outfit Inspirations for Women by Lungzeu from Nagaland – Curator of NagasStreetStyle

No matter how and where you choose to spend your New Year’s Eve, we recommend making an effort to feel your best whilst you start the countdown to the New Year. That being said, looking your best can add a huge boost to your feel-good factor ๐Ÿ™‚ So in continuation to our NYE lookbook series by our local fashion folks, here’s one for the ladies too! {Check out our Men’s NYE Lookbook by Karan Chetri} As we gather together – with family, friends and our thoughts, here’s a little chit-chat withย Lungzeu – our friendlyย fashion curator of ‘NagasStreetStyle’ (on Instagram) to bring us three of her topย looks for New Year’s Eve.ย  Lungzeu Lungalang Longchar from Nagaland shares her top 3 looks for the New Year’s Eve. Find out what she thinks areย great outfit rules to follow for the last day of the year ๐Ÿ™‚ Here she is wearing her stable favorites for the cold winter season – comprising of a light trench coat, denim, and an H&M woolen scarf “Like everyone here in Nagaland, I’ve always …

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A Chat With the Super Stylish and Soulful Singer-Songwriter, TK Lemtur from Mokokchung, Nagaland

  “Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.” ~Walt Whitman. Following in this light, we try to surround ourselves and our readers with a happy dose of happy inspirational stories daily. For, toย be in the company of interesting folks is always a delight – especially on days when we are feeling dull and uninspired. Today, we have a charming and talented 24-year-old singer-songwriter from Nagaland, who is also a full-time master’s student ofย Olericultureย atย SHUATS Allahabad.ย Tzudikumzuk Lemtur a.k.a TK Lemtur from Mokokchung is a passionate singer and songwriter, and a fashionable one at that! We caught up with him to know more about him, and also to get a taste of his sartorial style. T.K Lemtur from Nagaland takes us through his musical journey, his Naga roots, his fashionable indulgences and much more! Hello TK! Tell us a little about yourself and what you’ve been up to. I am Tzudikumzuk Lemtur, better known as TK Lemtur. I’m 24 years old from Mokokchung, Nagaland and am currently pursuing my Master’s degree …

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“We are Wearing Naga Traditional Mekhelas for Our Cultural Sunday in Pune”~ Aien

“In this photo, my friends and I are wearing Naga traditional mekhelas. It was our cultural Sunday at our Naga Christian Fellowship (NCF) in Pune. We love wearing mekhelas, so it was a great opportunity to showcase our lovely traditional attires. I am wearing an “Ao Naga” mekhela, which is usually blue and red in color (we do have it in other designs and colors). I got this mekhela from home. Most of the Naga students usually pack at least one traditional mekhela from home whenever they go outside Nagaland for their studies. Currently, I am pursuing my Bachelor of Arts at Abeda College in Pune.” ~ Aien from Nagaland ย [Buy Naga Traditional Mekhela on R&L Shop] Check out more on how young fashionable folks from Northeast India wear their traditional Mekhelasย and Accessoriesย [Shop Naga Traditional Jewellery and Mekhelas on R&L Shop]

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“Thrift Shops aka 2nd-Hand-Dukan in Nagaland Are The Best Places to Shop for Fine Formal Suits Without Going Broke” – Karan Chetri, Menโ€™s Fashion Blogger

Nagaland, and in general the Northeast region of India, is known for having one of the trendiest and most fashionable streets in the country. Any style, fad or trend that is seen on TV or SNS (read: social networking site) is, in no time seen sported by uber stylish folks in this part of India.When it comes to men’s fashion though, it’s a little bit of a different story as many feel it is hard to find pieces in the market that are as affordable as women’s clothes. Meet Karan Chetri from Nagaland, a fashionable game-changer who is sharing his secrets to nailing the formal look for men without breaking the bank.ย A thrift shopper and a non-believer in fast fashion brands, this well-dressed man shows us how to save money and build a wardrobe that looks expensive and classic for the value shopper. With the wedding and holiday season around the corner, all guys take note! [Video at the bottom] R&L chats with theย stylish Karan from Kohima, Nagaland (his roots is in Nepal) as he …


NorthEast India Fashion | Street Style Trend Report From The Local Fashionistas of Arunachal, Manipur and Tripura

Street style culture has been trending for a while now, with individual style taking precedence over everything else. In the North East of India, street style is more than just a fashion statement – it’s a showcase of individuality and the region’s diverse cultures, mixed tastefully with global influences. Today, we catch up with some of the trendsetters from three states of North East India – Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, and Tripura – to give us the lowdown on their personal style and what’s trending on their local fashion scene. Arunachal Pradesh Jomter Karlo | Fashion Student at NIFT Mumbai A fashion student from NIFT Mumbai, Jomter Karlois originally from Arunachal Pradesh. She loves to keep it edgy, funky, and unexpected by styling her outfits with accessories in unconventional ways. “I am not much of a ‘dress’ person. I like to mix & match my outfit to create different looks each time and my wardrobe consists mostly of crop-tops, shorts, pants and skirts. I am just old school like that. I’ve grown up being inspired by …


Vloggers “Twins and The Other Girlโ€ from Sikkim Gives Us a Glimpse into Their Lives in Gangtok

Youtube stars behind the channel ‘Twins and the other girl’ – Pinky, Tinku, and Prakrithi, take us on a tour of the beautiful state of Sikkim, known for its shimmering waterfalls, lush green forests, the mighty Kanchenjunga mountain range – and their leisurely cafe culture.ย  22-year-old twins Pinky and Tinku, and their friend Prakrithi use their YouTube channel and social media to share fun yet simple snippets of their life in Gangtok, Sikkim. They make sure to stay super stylish and on-trend while doing all of that! The trio takes us around their favorite cafes in Gangtok and also gives us a glimpse of their everyday lives – interview and video below. YouTube stars ofย “Twins&theothergirl” – twinsย Shreya Rai (Pinky) and Shraddha Rai (Tinku) and their friend Prakrithi from Gangtok give us a peek into their everyday life in Sikkim and also take us around their favorite cafes. Read on to know more about them, their passions, inspirations, and much more. ย  ย  Hi girls! Tell us a little bit about yourselves. We areย Shreya (Pinkey)ย andย Shraddha (Tinku) …