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New Year’s Eve Outfit Inspirations for Women by Lungzeu from Nagaland – Curator of NagasStreetStyle

No matter how and where you choose to spend your New Year’s Eve, we recommend making an effort to feel your best whilst you start the countdown to the New Year. That being said, looking your best can add a huge boost to your feel-good factor 🙂 So in continuation to our NYE lookbook series by our local fashion folks, here’s one for the ladies too! {Check out our Men’s NYE Lookbook by Karan Chetri}

As we gather together – with family, friends and our thoughts, here’s a little chit-chat with Lungzeu – our friendly fashion curator of ‘NagasStreetStyle’ (on Instagram) to bring us three of her top looks for New Year’s Eve. 

Lungzeu Lungalang Longchar from Nagaland shares her top 3 looks for the New Year’s Eve. Find out what she thinks are great outfit rules to follow for the last day of the year 🙂 Here she is wearing her stable favorites for the cold winter season – comprising of a light trench coat, denim, and an H&M woolen scarf

Lungzeu Lungalang Longchar from Nagaland, and curator of ‘NagasStreetStyle’ wearing her stable favorites for the cold winter season.

“Like everyone here in Nagaland, I’ve always looked forward to New Year’s Eve. I have grown up spending it with family every year doing the usual things like sitting by a bonfire or chulha, and play games like “Simon Says” over cups and cups of tea and good food. 

I feel the key to New Year’s Eve dressing would be Layering. I think wearing layers do not necessarily have to mean looking frumpy. Adding a nice accessory like a beanie or gloves is great. I think fur coats or fur stoles are a great way to add some glam to any outfit.” ~Lungzeu Lungalang Longchar, Curator ‘NagasStreetStyle’

Here are the top 3 New Year’s Eve looks curated by Lungzeu Lungalang Longchar, Curator of ‘NagasStreetStyle’

  • Look 1: An All-White Trendy Formals

Sey Lenti Sekhose (21), Student of Footwear Design, puts together a super stylish look with a high waisted, wide-legged trousers and a cropped biker jacket – both in off-white color. Adding glam to her formal outfit are her strappy block heels and a chic tiny handbag with a pop of color.

Sey Lenti Sekhose’s outfit for brunch on New Year’s Eve.

“For New Year’s Eve, me and my friends have planned to camp in a river island for a change. There aren’t any parties as such, but we are catching up over a late lunch with my friends and family – on the Eve before New Year’s Eve (It was actually an advance New Years Eve party, if that makes sense 😅)” ~ Sey Lenti Sekhose

Sey Lenti Sekhose’s outfit for brunch on New Year’s Eve.

Sey Lenti Sekhose’s outfit for brunch on New Year’s Eve.

  • Look 2: Oversized Sweater and Boots

Lungzeu dons a casual look with a dash of glam. She wears an oversized sweater with denim jeans, worn under a snug fitted thigh-high boots – accessorized with lots of bling: stone-studded dangler earrings, and a golden bejeweled crossbody bag. Love her loose waves too!

ootsandleisure_NYE look by Lungzeu1

Lungzeu Lungalang Longchar ready for NYE get-together with family and friends with her sweater and boots ensemble

“I’m choosing a simple look for NYE. A simple loose-fitting sweater over black denim and OTK boots and accessorizing it with statement earrings and a golden bag. {Sweater is thrifted; Bag from Zara; Denim from H&M; Shoes from Forever 21}” ~ Lungzeu Lungalang Longchar

rootsandleisure_NYE look by Lungzeu1

Lungzeu accesorized her nude sweater with a bejewelled gold crossbody bag from Zara | NYE Outfit Ideas

rootsandleisure_NYE look by Lungzeu1

Lungzeu accessorized her nude sweater with a bejeweled gold crossbody bag from Zara | NYE Outfit Ideas

  • Look 3: Dress and Trenchcoat

Sangyo (23), New Delhi wears her signature ‘comfort-meets-style’ look with a long floral dress and boots. To make her outfit weather appropriate, she dons a long trenchcoat over her dress and carries a lovely sling bag in pink to complete her NYE look.

Rootsandleisure_NYE Look by Lungzeu7

Sangyo wearing a long floral dress with a long coat for NYE

“Hi all! I’m Sangyo, currently a student in Delhi. I believe Style is more than the clothes you wear; it’s more about how you express your individuality, self awareness and confidence.

I usually wear comfortable clothes and prefer minimalistic styles. Personal style is something that each of us choose according to one’s lifestyle and comfort – be it Street Style, high fashion, minimal or classic. For my NYE outings, I love wearing long coats because it is the best option to spend the winter with warmth and style.” ~ Sangyo

Hope these outfit inspirations can help you choose your NYE look with confidence! Tell us what you plan to wear for this year’s New Year’s Eve party 🙂 Follow us and tag us on Instagram. And do not forget to check out the NYE outfit inspirations for Men by Karan Chetri of ‘The Thrift Ensemble

Rootsandleisure_NYE Look by Lungzeu7

Sangyo wearing a long floral dress with a long coat for NYE


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