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Recipe of Nagaland’s Favorite Rainy Day Snack “Chana Mix” – by Tiapong

Summers in Nagaland can make you lazy and hungry; as it rains most days in some parts, while it tends to get hot and humid in other parts of the state. But on the brighter side, it’s the perfect time to sit at home – reading a book, watch some TV or working on some hobby. So yes, it’s also the perfect time to experiment with your own midday/midnight snacks! Our friend Tiapong from Dimapur came up with his own version of “Chana-mix” a popular local snack which is often spicy with a host of interesting ingredients. Let’s find out how Tiapong makes his. Full recipe below! Ingredients: ½ cup Matar (used the popular “Mokokchung Matar”) ½ cup boiled yellow peas ½ cup boiled grams “chana” 1 medium sized chopped onion 1 large tomatoes cut into cubes  2 chopped green chilies 2 packet of pre-cooked Rumpum noodles (crushed) 2 tbsp Mustard oil 2 Boiled potatoes cut into thin slices 1 Raja chilly cut into thin slices (optional ) 2 tbsp freshly squeezed Lemon juice Raisins (Optional) Coriander leaves for garnish Directions to make: …


Recipe of Nagaland’s Favorite Snack – Spicy Wai Wai Noodles

“Growing up in Nagaland, Wai Wai Instant noodles have always been a huge part of our lives. Our lifesaver in times of midday or midnight hunger – especially in hostels when we had no access to stoves in our rooms. Some like it raw and crunchy – mixed with meat or axone pickle; some like it cooked “Naga style” with a hot Raja mircha and some of us here crave for it first thing in the morning! With a hot cup of tea – especially on a cold rainy morning.” Today, we have a special and easy-to-make wai wai recipe – contributed by our friend from Nagaland, Lidang. Ingredients 1 packet Wai Wai noodles 1 small finely chopped onions 1 tablespoon dark soya sauce Green chillies/ Naga King chilli/ Chilli powder (as per your preference) 1 cup of chopped green veggies of your preference Directions to cook Boil 1 cup of water and put the chopped onions. After 5-8 minutes, add soya sauce and the wai wai masala and cook for some time again. Add …


Recipe | Nepali Sel Roti

Sel Roti, a delicious traditional Nepali fried delight, mostly prepared as a festive snack during Dashain and Tihar in Nepal and Darjeeling. It is essentially a fried sweet bread prepared using pounded rice, flour, butter, milk and a mixture of fennel seed (saunf) and cardamom for flavoring. Simple yet delectable. Today’s recipe is contributed by our lovely people at PaliGhar from Kalimpong. The making of this snack is a skill and an art in itself. Let’s get started on how it’s made! Prep time: 1 hour Cook time: 15-20 minutes Ingredients: Rice: 1 kg Maida (flour): 100 gms Sugar: 100 gms Butter: 100 gms Milk: 1 cup Water: 1 cup Oil: 1 litre Sael roti masala: mixture of  saunf (fennel seeds) and cardamom Directions to cook: Soak the rice for a minimum of 3 hours. Drain and pound it into fine powder. Sieve the powdered rice. Mix the rice powder with maida (flour), sugar, butter, and masala thoroughly and then add milk to make a semi-thick batter. Use a deep frying pan to heat oil. Once the oil is …

Meet Aunty Sinju and her Mouthwatering Local Snack

“About 10 years ago my daughter suggested that I open a small shop. So I started selling Sinju* and I am happy that I have many customers today. I’m known here by the name ‘Aunty Sinju’ *laughs* Editor’s note: Aunty Sinju sits at Pakai College entrance gate , and her Sinju is so popular that people come all the way from Dimapur (about 15Kms away) to buy the snack. *Sinju is a local snack, which is a mix of shredded cabbage, nokna leaves (water crest), meat , crispy (uncooked) wai wai noodles , papad, chilli sauce and the special sinju masala. It is the perfect afternoon snack on a cold rainy day!