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“We Dream of a Society Free from Political Dominance by Dishonest Politicians.” – Rap Metal Band ‘AMBUSH’ from Assam

Our guests today are members of the rap metal band ‘AMBUSH’ from Karbi Anglong, Assam. We chat about their recently released track ‘Corruption Choke’ and the message they want to send out through their music. The band members Risim Rongpi (Vocal), Amarjit Bey (Guitar), Jitu Tokbi (Bass), and Deowinson Bey (Drums) have been performing together for 7 years – and counting,  and hope to keep raising powerful voices against corruption through their music. “Corruption erodes trust, weakens democracy, hampers economic development, and further exacerbates inequality, poverty, social division, and the environmental crisis. We have long been witnesses to social suffering as a result of political violence and domination. The invisible wounds of our people and the traumatized survivors of many terrors and conflicts keep us going. We dream of a society – and life in general, that is free from political dominance by dishonest politicians. Only then, can we improve the quality of our life.That’s what we want to convey through our music.” ~ AMBUSH, Karbi Anglong R&L: Hello! Excited to be having this chat. …


‘Tune Up Channel’ from Nagaland is Back With Their New Single ‘A Letter’

“I am a HUGE Mesut Ozil fan, and the match between Germany and Northern Ireland was about to begin at 9:30 PM and I was dying to see Mesut back on the pitch. But then, my favorite band ‘Tune Up Channel’ was set to take the stage only at serial no. 13. It was already 7:00 PM and the show still hasn’t started!” ~ A fan account of the hottest band from Mokokching – ‘Tune Up Channel’  in 2016. Full article here. Fast forward to 2022. ‘Tune Up Channel’ is back with a new single ‘A Letter’ looking dapper and oh-so grown up! Don’t we all live to witness this kind of transformation of our talented friends? 🤩 The band members chat with R&L about their latest single, making the video, their journey in the last 6 years – and some fun facts about each band member. Members of the band ‘Tune Up Channel’ from Mokokchung, Nagaland R&L: Hi! Super excited to be having this chat with y’all. The last time we heard about you …

A Conversation With Iram, a Progressive Rock Band Based in Bangalore

Iram is a band formed by 5 talented musicians, and is based out of Bangalore. This progressive rock band released their first album Azal, which was loved by critics and music lovers alike. ‘We hope our music brings attention to the growing hostility and angst in the world. We want to create music that inspires people to build a world without hate’, says Neil, the founder and lead of the band.  A truly humble group, these 5 boys are as charming to chat as they are on stage! We spoke to them about how they came together, their journey so far and plans for the future. Introduce us to your members! Meet Neil Simon Abel “I’m Neil. I was born and raised in the Middle East. My family moved to Bangalore and I completed my graduation from here. We are originally from Gulbarga, which is in the northern part of Karnataka, but have been in Bangalore for close to 16 years now. So it’s safe to say that Bangalore is home. I am a qualified …

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Interview with Polar Lights Band from Nagaland

Nagaland in the North East region of India is an artist hub. Unlike the place which is mostly an unknown corner in the country, artists from this part are often one of the most recognized in their fields – especially musicians. North East region produces the country’s best original music artists. Today we are sitting with Mar Jamir – the lead singer of the super talented band from Nagaland – Polar Lights. Meet Mar Jamir from the band ‘Polar Lights’. Formed in the year 2013, they have come a long way. Hello Mar so good to be having this chat with you! Tell us about your band “Polar Lights”  Polar Lights came together back in 2013. We’ve always been avid music enthusiasts, so when the opportunity came for all of us to get together and write music, we gave it a shot and 3 years later, we’re still here – writing music and doing what we love doing the most.  So it was definitely worth the shot. We’ve had a couple of lineup changes since our inception but …


Photos and Video | Ziro Festival of Music 2016

Some of our readers have shared some lovely photos for those of us who couldn’t make it to the festival. The location is beautiful and it definitely looks like a lot of fun out there! Check out the photos and a video. Hope you enjoy it 🙂 Waiting for the shows to begin! And there’s food as well! Oh just in case it’s not obvious, our friend (Sukesh) is trying to eat a grasshopper. Slurp!   Members SOFYIUM and Koloma bands warming up before the show. Italian band Gramlines playing at the fest Photo courtesy : Naren Jamatia, Rohan Abraham