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Turning The Mundane Into Something Insane and Outrageous | Meet Self-Taught Digital Artist Onen

Today’s artist is a digital artist-cum-engineer who goes by the name of “Mr.Brightside” whose weird, twisted yet profound sketches is a reflective exploration of the human state – physical and mental. His art stands out from the multitude of other artists due to its accented uniqueness and inventiveness which enthralls and unnerves all at the same time. Onen’s works are multi-faceted and open ended to the point of debate. It embodies a sense of existential vagueness that instinctively entices the feral remnants of our collective primate heritage. Our contributor Jungio chats with the self- taught digital artist about his transition from drawing cartoon characters as a kid – to diving into the dark and surreal inspired by Japanese art and culture, current art scene in Nagaland and more. Tell me a little about yourself? My name is Bendangonen Atsongchanger but I go by the name of Mr. Brightside :D.  I am 25 years of age from Mokokchung, Nagaland and currently pursuing my Bachelor’s in Computer engineering from Pune. How would you describe your art? What or …


On Following Your Dreams And Becoming a Full-Time Musician : Jonathan Yhome

They say dreamers can be dangerous men. The world fears them for they, more often than not, act on their dreams with an intention to succeed at all costs. Jonathan Yhome followed his dream  and became a full-time musician. At Nagaland’s business town, Dimapur, Yhome strives everyday to reach his goal of becoming a successful musician. This is his story. Will you be releasing an EP anytime soon? I have not released an album or an EP yet, but I have officially written songs that have been featured as OSTs for movies, for example, ”Something New” was featured in the movie ”Nana – A Tale of Us” by Dreamz Unlimited. A song I wrote for my parents called‘‘Send Me Away’‘ was featured on The The REC.urrent.  I’ve also released a single called ‘‘Before We Know” and Sofar Sounds featured another single of mine called ”Go Tell Your Mother”. What sparked your interest in this field initially? I started my musical journey when I first joined the Nagaland Conservatory of Music in 2013. Ever since I was a kid I …


Interview with Moanungsang aka Shinobi – An Artist and Branding Expert from Nagaland

Meet Moanungsang Lemtur from Nagaland –  a talented artist and a graphic designer – working in a design firm in Pune. He’s a genius when it comes to all things branding, packaging, logo design – and a lot more! We met him on Twitter (@shinobiSneakIn) a while ago, and have watched him only grow since then. From a kid with artistic talent – to an influencer and a trendsetter in the creative community, we had to know where he gets his inspiration from and where he’s headed.  Hi Moa, so tell us why you call yourself ‘Shinobi’?  “Shinobi” is just a name I picked up many years ago. I got really inspired after watching a documentary about Ninjas on the History Channel. I love the dedication they have for their martial art form, the varieties of weapons they master, their techniques and their craft – all of it. Knowing that they actually existed in our real world got me intrigued. So, Shinobi is my tribute to their way of life. It’s like a self-made alter ego – he encourages me, he …