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Artist | Meet Shinobi – A Budding Artist in Surrealism

Meet Moanungsang Lemtur aka Shinobi –  a talented artist and a graphic designer by profession. He works in a design studio in Pune and has worked across branding, packaging & logo design, and many other creative stuff. We met him on Twitter (@shinobiSneakIn) a while ago, and have watched him only grow since then.


Picture: Shinobi

R&L : Why do you call yourself ‘Shinobi’? 

Shinobi : Shinobi is just a name I picked up many years ago. I got really inspired after watching a documentary about Ninjas on the History Channel. I love the dedication they have for their martial art form, the varieties of weapons they master, their techniques and their craft – all of it. Knowing that they actually existed in our real world got me intrigued. So, Shinobi is my tribute to their way of life. It’s like a self-made alter ego – he encourages me, he challenges me, and he’s been helping me move on after making mistakes and learn from them.

R&L : Tell us more about your work.

Shinobi  : I work full time in a design studio as a graphic designer. My projects vary from branding, packaging to logo designs and anything in between. Apart from that, I’ve been trying to paint on canvas with oils and acrylics. I really like surreal paintings and would love to mature more as an artist in surrealism.

“I have a massive love for illustrations! Pens and inks and brushes with their raw messy lines and drops of dark inks the white spotless paper. Its such a good feeling to cause that kind of movement on paper and create a piece of art! “


Picture: Shinobi

R&L : Where can people view your work? Are they also available for sale?

Shinobi  :  I try to be active over social media: InstagramTwitter and  FaceBook. I share a lot of my work out there. You can check out my design portfolio on Behance. You can also buy my stuff on Society6 and cupick.


Picture: Shinobi


Picture : Shinobi

Feeling inspired already? If you wish to connect with Shinobi for a personal art project, we can help you get in touch with him – and make sure he responds 🙂 Drop a message [HERE], and we will get back to you.

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