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Tiasunep Aier from Nagaland | Chief Designer and Creator of ‘Old Cabin’

Someone recently tweeted that it is almost impossible to balance Creativity and Productivity – that it is hard to optimize for both. That isn’t necessarily true because we know far too many talented artists, who are also the most productive. Most times, they have a regular 9 to 5 job, and after-work hours is when they feed their passion to create beautiful pieces of art.

Here’s one such restless soul – Tiasunep from Nagaland, an artist based out of Pune. In a chat with Roots and Leisure, he talks about his brand ‘Old Cabin’ and how comic books introduced him to the world of art.



  • How did it all start? How did you discover this passion of yours?

Growing up, comic books opened up a whole new world for me. Away from my real world, they were the only reference I could use for art. Call it fortunate or unfortunate, there were no TV cable operators in our area –  so we just had the inescapable Doordarshan channel. Me and my brother would get so frustrated, we would often go out and adjust the  TV antenna hoping to catch some cartoon channels; we would be yelling at each other and asking for the updates with the roof between us, and each time a disappointment. It wasn’t funny then; it was a mission.

We desperately wanted to see our superheroes in action after reading all those comics. I remember sketching superheroes in almost all of my school books; I would often get scoldings for doing so. I finally decided to maintain a separate sketchbook. Although my art style has developed with time  I will always be grateful to those comic writers and artists for the inspiration. 


Artwork by Tiasunep Aier


Artwork by Tiasunep Aier.

  • Tell us about your brand ‘Old Cabin’. What does it mean? 

There is no hidden meaning, and it is literally what is says *haha. I don’t exactly remember why, but I was kind of in a rush to create an account for my brand. I sat in front of my computer and without a blink or a thought, I typed ‘Old Cabin’ because I like old vintage stuffs and I like wooden cabin houses. As an artist I need different kinds of canvases to express my art styles. I love the feeling of having my artwork drawn, painted or printed on various materials. OC is an outlet where I can present some of my works on fabric, which has always been on my sketchbooks and as images in my brain. 

  • What/Who has been your greatest inspiration? 

The Internet is a wonderful place to be; I keep discovering unbelievably talented artists every single day. It’s unfair to name one. My social media feed have a constant flow of new artists – one better than the last. This gives me a rush to sit down and create something of my own. So yes, this whole thing helps me stay productive I guess 🙂

  • Do you do this full time? If not, how do you manage to work on your hobby? 

I have a full time job as a Sr. Graphic Designer in a design studio in Pune. I come back to my art immediately as I reach home. I keep my sketches and paintings hung on the walls, and keep my unfinished paintings in the open as reminders (to complete the work). All of these small small things help motivate me to get up and continue doing my work (on days when the motivation is low, I take my time – sipping on extra cups of tea, until I am all inspired, and ready to create something.

  • Tell us something about your fav art piece. 

I don’t have any favourites. I won’t create something that I don’t like so for me all of them are the same – as in pretty decent? 🙂

  • Where can we buy your Creations?

You can check out my work on my Instagram, and if you wish to buy – you can get them from my store ‘Old Cabin’ at the Roots and Leisure Shop.


T-Shirt by Old Cabin.


Endurance | Tote bag by Old Cabin

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