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Tiasunep Aier from Nagaland | Chief Designer and Creator of ‘Old Cabin’

Someone recently tweeted that it is almost impossible to balance Creativity and Productivity – that it is hard to optimize for both. That isn’t necessarily true because we know far too many talented artists, who are also the most productive. Most times, they have a regular 9 to 5 job, and after-work hours is when they feed their passion to create beautiful pieces of art. Here’s one such restless soul – Tiasunep from Nagaland, an artist based out of Pune. In a chat with Roots and Leisure, he talks about his brand ‘Old Cabin’ and how comic books introduced him to the world of art. How did it all start? How did you discover this passion of yours? Growing up, comic books opened up a whole new world for me. Away from my real world, they were the only reference I could use for art. Call it fortunate or unfortunate, there were no TV cable operators in our area –  so we just had the inescapable Doordarshan channel. Me and my brother would get so …


Traditional Naga Accessories Making a Fashionable Comeback

Mixing the old with the new is always refreshing ; today a lot of people are creating some pretty unique and stylish looks by accessorizing their outfits with traditional handmade jewelry. They look pretty spot on, as though they were meant to be all along. Here’s a curated list of how these fashionable folks are taking mix-and-match to a whole new level – by adorning modern ensembles with ethnic jewelry.  You can also buy some Naga traditional jewelry in modern designs on our Shop [link] Awomi from Sumi Naga tribe dressed her black turtleneck top with traditional Naga earrings and a necklace in fiery red (Red is a dominant color in most Naga ensembles, accessories & gears.) Members of the ‘Tetso Sisters’ (talented musicians from Nagaland), are seen playing up their looks with tasseled earrings in green and white. Traditional earrings are generally crafted in red color, so these new colors add a twist to the original jewelry form itself. Jorlim playing match-up by blending her lavender colored earrings with her pale blue dress, and a pink lacy stole. The little girl is looking …


Interview with Moanungsang aka Shinobi – An Artist and Branding Expert from Nagaland

Meet Moanungsang Lemtur from Nagaland –  a talented artist and a graphic designer – working in a design firm in Pune. He’s a genius when it comes to all things branding, packaging, logo design – and a lot more! We met him on Twitter (@shinobiSneakIn) a while ago, and have watched him only grow since then. From a kid with artistic talent – to an influencer and a trendsetter in the creative community, we had to know where he gets his inspiration from and where he’s headed.  Hi Moa, so tell us why you call yourself ‘Shinobi’?  “Shinobi” is just a name I picked up many years ago. I got really inspired after watching a documentary about Ninjas on the History Channel. I love the dedication they have for their martial art form, the varieties of weapons they master, their techniques and their craft – all of it. Knowing that they actually existed in our real world got me intrigued. So, Shinobi is my tribute to their way of life. It’s like a self-made alter ego – he encourages me, he …