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Traditional Naga Accessories Making a Fashionable Comeback

Mixing the old with the new is always refreshing ; today a lot of people are creating some pretty unique and stylish looks by accessorizing their outfits with traditional handmade jewelry. They look pretty spot on, as though they were meant to be all along.

Here’s a curated list of how these fashionable folks are taking mix-and-match to a whole new level – by adorning modern ensembles with ethnic jewelry.  You can also buy some Naga traditional jewelry in modern designs on our Shop [link]

Awomi from Sumi Naga tribe dressed her black turtleneck top with traditional Naga earrings and a necklace in fiery red (Red is a dominant color in most Naga ensembles, accessories & gears.)


Photo courtesy @awomi.lito

Members of the ‘Tetso Sisters’ (talented musicians from Nagaland), are seen playing up their looks with tasseled earrings in green and white. Traditional earrings are generally crafted in red color, so these new colors add a twist to the original jewelry form itself.


Photo courtesy @tetseosisters

Jorlim playing match-up by blending her lavender colored earrings with her pale blue dress, and a pink lacy stole. The little girl is looking equally dressed up in a traditional mekhela and cute beaded necklace.


Photo courtesy @a_jorlim

Visivono looking picture perfect in her two-tiered necklace – a classic traditional accessory of the Angami Naga tribe. Who knew that the denim skirt could get a chic makeover with a chiffon top and a touch of ethnic bling!


Photo courtesy @onovisiv

Ivukali Zhimomi looking bold and beautiful in a crisp off-shoulder top, enhancing her look with a colorful multi-layered necklace from the Sumi Naga tribe. With an outfit like that, she is the perfect accessory to the breathtaking backdrop – colorful houses atop a hilly terrain, and smoke escaping from a nearby kitchen.


Photo courtesy @ivukalizhimomi

Model Ketholeno Kense looking supremely stylish and cool in these lovely traditional chokers. Interesting to see how the colors of her accessory blend in quietly with her outfit and makeup and yet manage to make a statement, just like Kense herself. [Buy this choker from the R&L Shop]


Model Leno Kense looking charming in a traditional choker | Photo courtesy @nagasstreetstyle

Here’s a slightly different look: Combining traditional accessories with ethnic wear. Kajal is looking bold and elegant in a cotton saree and an Ao Naga necklace. [Buy this necklace at the R&L Shop]


Kajal wearing Ao Naga necklace with her saree | Photo: Naga Beads Jewellery


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