Month: November 2018


Meet Pito Kiba, A Hard-Working And Passionate Baker From Nagaland And His Advice On Following Your Dreams

“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it”. -Buddha We first met Pito Kiba, 2 years ago in 2016. He shared with R&L all about the series of phases he went through in his life while discovering his dreams. Being confident and sure about his career and skills as a professional baker has brought him to where he is today. Pito has come a long way since our first chat and doing what he loves only makes him work harder and better. Let’s find out about everything he’s been up to ever since our last meeting. 28-year-old Pito Kiba from Dimapur, Nagaland is a passionate home baker who runs his own baking business under the name, “That Baker Kiba”. Hi Pito! It’s a pleasure to have you back with us after two good years! Tell us what you have been up to since our last chat. Hello R&L, thank you for having me back again. Since we last spoke, over the past few years, I have been able to cater …


#RECIPE | Potato Lovers Will Love This Popular South Indian Dish – “Aloo 65”

It is said that there are more than 4000 varieties of potatoes in the world, and is the fifth most important crop worldwide. Numbers and facts aside, how many of us here are potato lovers? Don’t we agree that most meals would be incomplete in the absence of potatoes? Irrespective of which culture we come from, potatoes are an important ingredient in most kitchens.  Today, we have a popular South Indian dish – Aloo 65 – contributed by Abhishek from Nepal. It is inspired by the world-famous Chicken 65, a spicy deep-fried chicken dish. Abhishek uses potatoes instead of chicken so that his vegetarian friends can also enjoy the yummy spices and crispy texture. Let’s find out how to prepare this dish! Aloo 65 is the vegetarian version of the world-famous South Indian dish, Chicken 65. It’s crunchy, spicy, and deep fried so it’s bound to be ever so comforting at any time of the day, as a quick mid-day snack or as a side dish to a homemade thali. Ingredients : 5-6 potatoes, boiled and …

Rootsandleisure_Goragala North Sikkim

“Every Cliff You Climb, You’ll Find a Lake at The Bottom of It” – Shraddha Rai And Her Friends Go On A Girls Trip To Goragala in North Sikkim

“This picture was taken one beautiful October afternoon in Goragala, North Sikkim, which is at the China-Beijing border. My friends and I had not met for a very long time, so we planned to catch up over this trip and have some quality time together. It was a wonderful experience …going on an adventure with my dear ones, and meeting new people and learning about the local culture!” “Goragala is a very spiritual and holy place. Every cliff you climb, you’ll find a lake at the bottom of it. That makes the place even more stunning! Tourists are generally not allowed to access this place, but we were fortunate enough to get the chance to visit through our local friends.”  Shraddha Rai (22) enjoying the stunning view in Goragala, North Sikkim. Shraddha Rai with her twin sister Shreya and close friends at Goragala, North Sikkim.

Rootsandleisure_Timber Cafe imphal

A Chat with Rashingam Ngoruh, Wedding Photographer And Owner of “Cafe Timber” Imphal

With Northeast India fast becoming a traveler’s hotspot, leisure and business activities in the region are picking up visibly. Especially with the young enterprising folks leading from the front, there is certainly much more excitement, creativity and noise – which is definitely a good thing! Amongst these new age activities, eating out is fast becoming a favorite past time, which is a drastic change from earlier days, where meeting with friends was usually limited to the house or the neighborhood. Imphal, the capital city of Manipur has seen a host of interesting food ventures with an aim to introduce global cuisines to the local folks, and authentic traditional fare to travelers from outside. Add to that, the creative minds of the young local entrepreneurs – and the ever demanding consumers, the cafe and restaurant ecosystem is fast becoming as interesting as is competitive. Today we chat with a young food entrepreneur cum photographer, who runs a cafe called “Timber Cafe” in Imphal, which is known for their simple and tasteful interiors and food.  Today we chat …

Meet Eyingbemo Ovung – Soulful Singer from Nagaland, Who Now Teaches Music To Young Aspiring Musicians in Delhi

To discover your talent at a very young age is indeed a wonderful gift from God. When Eying discovered his true passion, he managed to keep up with certain obligations, didn’t waste his talent but developed it. Growing up with a strong passion for music, he was singing in his church choir and taking part in other musical activities, all through his childhood. His love and respect for music have brought him to where he is today. Now working far away from home, Eying still looks back to his life in Nagaland and teaches school kids in Delhi, all he learned as a child.  We had a chat with Eyingbemo Ovung – a talented musician from Nagaland, who now teaches music to young aspiring musicians in Delhi. He talks about his roots and the many reasons he finds joy in his work. Read on to know more about him. Hello Eying! Do introduce yourself to our readers. Hello, my name is Eyingbemo Ovung. I was born and brought up in Kohima, Nagaland. After I finished school, I graduated …


The One Cake Shop That Promises To Never Let You Down | A Chat With Yarmichon Mashangva, Owner of ‘The Rolling Pin Bakery’ in Ukhrul, Manipur.

“Baking may be regarded as a science, but it’s the chemistry between the ingredients and the cook that gives desserts life. Baking is done out of love, to share with family and friends, to see them smile.” – Anna Olson. Coming from a family of food lovers, Yarmichon from Ukhrul, Manipur has always been fond of cooking and experimenting with new recipes for her family. She found her true passion for baking the moment she laid her hands on batter and dough. She has since then almost single handedly followed her dreams of opening her own bakery called “The Rolling Pin Bakery.” Today, we are happy to chat with the creative baker and owner of “The Rolling Pin Bakery” from Manipur – Yarmichon Mashangva. She is all about making her family and customers happy with handmade goodies baked with care, hard work and an extra bit of love. Read on to know more this talented soul. Hello Yarmichon! Tell us a little about yourself and your background. Hi, my name is Yarmichon Mashangva and I’m from …


“I Hope my Audience Experiences Tranquility and Love of God Through my Work” – Photographer David Weston From Chennai

  To capture an image and freezing a moment in time which is never to come back, indeed reveals how rich reality truly is. It makes the photograph all the more meaningful. Today, photographer David Weston from Chennai talks to us about the artistic performances he aims to deliver through his photography. He’s one brilliant artist who is very careful with the little details and holds great value on every moment he captures. We had an honest chat with a very soulful photographer, David Weston from Chennai. He inspires us with his minimalistic yet amazing creativity and artistry through his photographs. Read on to know more about him. Hello David! Tell us little about yourself. My name is David Weston and I’m an artist from Chennai. I’ve got a Master’s degree in Visual Communication and a Post-grad diploma in Advanced Photography. I specialize in people and fashion portraiture and I shoot fine art photography as a personal project. Recently, I had my first solo photography exhibition titled, ‘Chasing the Light’ (Limited Edition). A click from David’s …


Recipe of the Famous ‘Black Rice Kheer’ from Manipur

Sticky rice is enjoyed in many forms in the northeastern region – often as an afternoon or evening snack. You can make sticky rice roti and enjoy it with a hot cup of tea, or simply add your favorite chutney to some pressure-cooked rice and relish it. Today’s recipe is an interesting sweet dish  – ‘Sticky rice kheer or pudding’  that is very popular in Manipur. Locals love to make this at home especially during the winter and rainy seasons. Recipe below! Manipuri Sticky Rice Kheer Ingredients : A bowl of sticky rice – both black and white in equal proportion A glass of milk Two tablespoons of sugar Dry coconuts and almond Cardamom – 2-4 pieces Bayleaf Mixture of black and white sticky rice. Flavoring ingredients (Clockwise from Left): Dry coconut, Cardamom Bayleaf and Almonds Directions to Cook: Saute the dry coconut, bay leaf, and cardamons with two tbsps of butter in a cooker (where the kheer is going to be made) Wash the sticky rice (2-3 times) and put the rice into the cooker …


Roots & Leisure Team Tours Wokha District in Nagaland to Cover “Tokhü Emong” Festival and Welcome The Famous Migratory Birds Amur Falcons

“Tokhü Emong” is a post-harvest festival which is celebrated by the Lotha tribes in Nagaland. This year, the founders of Roots and Leisure will be traveling to Wokha district (home of the Lotha tribes) in Nagaland. We will be experiencing the festival first-hand and will take all our readers along for the ride – Tune in for LIVE video coverage from the tour and the festival on our Instagram page. This year, the festival starts from the 5th of November and goes on till the 7th of November at Wokha, Nagaland. It will host various local indigenous fun games like fire making, traditional karting, yodelling and more – with local Naga bands like De Band, Tune Up Channel from Mokokchung and more performing at the evening function.  Banner set up for Tokhü Emong Festival in Wokha, Nagaland. | Photo by wethenagas Tune Up Channel, rock band from Mokokchung will be playing at Tokhü Emong Festival | Photo taken from Indihut Another exciting thing about this tour is the “Amur Falcon Festival” which will be happening this week from …


“The Small Village I Called Home Has Shaped The Way I See The World” – Jim Wungramyao Kasom from Manipur Talks About His Debut Book “Homecoming and Other Stories”

Story telling is a cornerstone of human existence; it’s what enables people to communicate and connect with one another. Today, we are happy to have with us a warm-hearted  storyteller, photographer and author Jim W Kasom, from Manipur. He talks to us about his debut book, “Homecoming and Other Stories” – a collection of short stories that will actually move your heart and fill the soul. “I left my hometown at an early age, but I still write about that place and the people” – Manipuri author and photographer, Jim Wungramyao Kasom talks about the inspiration for his debut book. Read on to learn more about him, his childhood and family that are the roots of his love for storytelling. Hello Jim! Introduce yourself to our readers. Hello R&L my name is Jim Wungramyao Kasom. I’m a photographer and a writer. I was born and raised in Ukhrul, Manipur. But currently, I’m living in Delhi. Tell us about your book, “Homecoming and Other Stories”. My book is a collection of 19 short stories published by Bibliophile South Asia and Promila …