Month: May 2019


Story of the Seed Sowing Festival ‘Luita Phanit’ Celebrated in Somdal Village, Manipur — by Thanmiso Khamrang

“The seed sowing festival, locally known as ‘Luita Phanit’ is one of the most important festivals of the Tangkhul tribe and it is celebrated annually. In my village Somdal, situated in the Ukhrul district of Manipur, Luita Phanit is celebrated in the month of March every year. The celebration begins with the invocation of the headman for a bountiful harvest, followed by the ceremonial ritual of sowing seeds performed by his wife. The main event of the festival is the tug of war, which is done using vines procured from the jungle. On the last day of the festival, all the residents take part in this massive tug of war of the sexes that ends only when the vine breaks! A long-running, enjoyable social gathering that every visitor fondly attends is the ‘Marching’. After the day’s celebration, the locals assemble at the village square, donning the traditional attires and head gears known as ‘Pasi’. They form march in circles to the beat of drums while singing folk songs and hymns till sundown. This simple yet …


Discovering a Cozy Little Cafe ‘Foodprints’ in Kohima – By Lichumbeni Humtsoe

It was on one fine afternoon in Kohima, Nagaland that my good friend and I decided to go to ‘Dimori Cove’. Unfortunately, upon reaching the place, we found that it was closed that day. So, while aimlessly driving around, we came across a cafe called ‘Foodprints’ located somewhere near Japfu Christian College, Kohima. The cafe has an outdoor seating, which was perfect for that day’s sunny and pleasant weather. The best thing about the place is that it isn’t crowded like most good cafes and is also quite serene. I don’t think most people are even aware of this place yet! Even though our plan to visit Dimori Cove did not work out that day, I was still very grateful to have discovered this cozy little place and the day was all the more perfect because I was with my favorite person! ~ Lichumbeni Humtsoe from Nagaland Lichumbeni Humtsoe at the cafe Footprints in Kohima, Nagaland


In Conversation with June Neelu, a Software Engineer and a Passionate Musician from Manipur

A marketing executive residing in Bangalore, June Neelu from Manipur began singing when she was young. Her musical career began (on a serious note) after she started uploading covers on YouTube. Today she has written and composed many originals in Manipuri. She may be a full-time tech professional, but she continues to perform in gigs and events – making a name for herself and gathering a great fan-following. Read our full interview with June Neelu to know about her music journey and more. We had a chat with June Neelu, a software engineer by profession and musician at heart. She talks about her passion to sing since her young age, her inspiration, her upcoming project, and more. Hello June, good to have you here! Please tell us a little about yourself. Hello! I’m June Neelu from Imphal, Manipur. By profession, I’m a software engineer turned marketing executive but singing has always been my passion and I have been singing ever since I was young. I’m the youngest and the only daughter of three siblings. I …


Recipe for Simple Oats Cake Made without Sugar or Flour – By Ksh Donny From Manipur

Have you ever tasted or made a cake without using sugar or flour? We haven’t either, but today we’re in for a treat! We’ve been hearing rave reviews about Donny’s fantastic “no sugar-no-flour” cake. Apparently, it’s absolutely delicious! Donny, who works full-time and has a passion for cooking, loves putting her own unique twist on recipes. She’s come up with a simple cake recipe that replaces sugar with honey and incorporates healthy ingredients like oats, fresh fruits, and dry fruits. It’s a simple yet scrumptious cake that you can try making at home. Let’s dive in and discover how she works her magic! Oats cake with no sugar, no oil, and no flour but a lot of fresh fruits and dry fruits – recipe by Ksh Donny from Manipur Ingredients: Apple (2) Oats (2 cups) Egg (1) Vanilla essence (1 tbsp) Baking powder (1/2 tbsp) Pinch of salt Honey (2 tbsp) Dry fruits of  your choice (2 tbsp) Strawberries (10) Preparations: Chop the apples Shred the dry fruits Slice the strawberries Mix everything in the …


Visit Dzuleke at Nagaland – The Best Spot for Picnic, Camping and Relaxing

If you’re looking for the perfect getaway this weekend, we’ve got you covered! We’re talking about Dzuleke Village, nestled in the mountains and covered in lush green forests. A well-known place, this quaint village is certainly every traveler’s paradise! Abundant in flora and fauna, the village is surrounded by looming mountains covered in mist, scenic landscapes, wildflowers, the streams, adorable home-stays, the farmland. This picturesque place is a treasure trove for photographers or photography enthusiast. Located about 10 kms away from Khonoma village, Dzuleke in Nagaland Most of the houses here are surrounded with colorful begonia and geranium flowers. If you’re in the mood for a sightseeing trip, picnic, camping or just to take a short break from the mad rush of life, Dzuleke is the best bet for you to unwind. Trust us when we say that every sight of this place is a feast to the eyes. Although, the road to Dzuleke can be quite challenging but it is worth every bit of the adventure. Tourists stopped for sight-seeing on the way to …


“The Raincloak Man” – Photo By Nganing Shimray From Ukhrul, Manipur

“Every year in June, I would go home to my family for my summer breaks. During the short break, I also try to take breaks from all sorts of distraction and try to abstain myself from use of internet or screens and spend time with the home folks. While at home, I’d get the best of food and sleeps. There are times when I go to bed as early at 6-7 in the evening and wake up at 4-5 in the morning. This is one such instance where I got up early and went out for a stroll. I love taking photos especially of people and folks at home and the best time to do that is in the morning when the light is not too harsh or strong yet. I gave a title for this photo as ‘The Raincloak man‘. It was taken in Ukhrul, Manipur. The man in the photo is a stranger that I met on my early morning adventure. What caught my attention was that, the man was talking to his …


“I Write Songs Based On My Life Experiences” – A Chat With Bors Bey, Singer-Songwriter From Assam

For Bors Im Bey, making music is about sharing his life experiences with people. What began as a hobby for him in college, has now become his passion and profession. A self-taught singer-songwriter from Assam, he currently resides in Goa, and performs gigs and in events across the country. He write songs both in English and Hindi, and enthralls his fans with his mellifluous voice. Read on as he opens up about his life and inspiration!  We had a chat with Bors Im Bey, singer-songwriter from Assam. He talks about how he discovered his passion for music, his gigs in Goa and more! Hello! Please introduce yourself to our readers. Hi! My name is Bor Im Bey — Bors became a stage name during my college days and has stuck till today. I was brought up in Karbi Anglong, a beautiful district in Assam. But I currently live in Goa and keep travelling around the country for mostly private gigs/events. I started my music journey in 2015. What sparked your interest in singing, how did …