Month: May 2019


Recipe of ‘Creamy Tuscan Salmon With Spinach’ by Raman Okram from Manipur

Every Saturday is a delight for us as we get to share some of the most amazing recipes, contributed by our followers. We’re dedicating this Saturday to this deliciously easy recipe contributed by Raman Okram –  Creamy Salmon With Spinach. Raman hails from Manipur and has shared recipes with us before as well.  Recipe of ‘Creamy Tuscan Salmon with Spinach’ dish, contributed by Raman Okram from Manipur Ingredients: 1 Salmon fillet (seasoned with salt and pepper) Vegetable oil ( 1 tbsp ) Butter ( 1 tbsp ) Garlic ( 2-3 cloves ) Cherry tomatoes Bunch of spinach Salt and pepper to taste Cream ( 1/4 cup) Parmesan Herbs ( basil/rosemary/thyme ) Lime juice ( 1 tbsp ) Preparations of the dish : Heat the pan and add the vegetable oil Sear the salmon for about 3-4 minutes on all sides and set it aside Add butter, garlic, cherry tomatoes, spinach, and stir fry Add the salt and pepper to taste, then pour the cream over it and shred the Parmesan cheese on top (keep stirring) …


‘My Role Model, My Inspiration, My Mother’—With Imtiyala Jamir

For all the mothers who run carpools and make cookies and sew Halloween costumes and all the mothers who don’t. For those who show up at work with milk stains on their dress and diapers in their handbags. For those mothers who cannot restrain tears from trickling down their cheeks when they hold their babies for the first time. To all mothers of all ages, of all shapes and sizes without whom life would have been insufferable, we would like to wish you everyday a very Happy Mother’s Day. Today we have Imtiyala Jamir, a freelance writer/copy editor based in Dimapur who, like most of us, grew up under the guidance of her mother, a designer. Our wardrobe as a kid was our mother’s own closet. Here is a chat with Imti about her stylist mother who has always been her style icon, and someone she looks up to. Imtiyala Jamir (right) with her fashionista mom (left) An introduction for our special lady, your mother, would be nice to start things off. My mother Achila …


Documentcherry: ‘Hanami’- Flower Viewing (In Japanese) | Longkum Village, Nagaland

Longkum, a village in Nagaland, is known for its many tourist hotspots, especially the Cherry Blossom viewing! During the autumn season, between September and October, the cherry blossoms are in their full glory. The route alongside Longkum village is lined with vibrant pink flowers, making it a picturesque scene. Folks from across the state and from other parts of the region flock into the village to capture this breathtaking sight! This autumn, we suggest you to head over to this pristine village for some amazing views!  Route across Longkum Village, Nagaland Longkum, an Ao village, in the regions of Ongpangkong is making its visitors gasp in admiration with the joyous sight of the cherry blossom trees. The stretch of Alichen village till Longkum village is heavenly sight during autumn. Longkhum village already has tons of tourist hotspots in its arsenal and the sight of cherry blossom is an icing on the cake! For your next autumn gateway, you should definitely check out this clean and lush village of Longkhum, not very far from Mokokchung town. …


“I Innovate and Make Art with Utility” – a Chat with Kajal Vora, Mixed Media Artist Based in Mumbai

It’s rare to chance upon products that are as great an art piece as they are useful. Meet Kajal Vora, a mixed media artist based in Mumbai, who makes products that can be used in day-to-day life and also grace your home as decor pieces. She is an architecture, a mother and an entrepreneur. Having been gifted with a wonderful talent, she uses it to show the world her unique creations and makes art a utility!  “While all the experimentation to achieve unique textures and individuality in the projects that I have worked on, I have put in a lot of energy, time and money. Few things worked out and a lot of them did not. The point is to never give up,” says Kajal. From wall art to platters, trays, multipurpose boards, frames, etc – her work is fascinating.  We had a quick chat with Kajal Vora, an artist based in Mumbai to talk about her work, how it got started and more! Hello! Introduce a little about yourself. Hi! My name is Kajal …


‘Our Goal is to Make Our Guests Feel at Home in Our Homestay” – a Chat with Daisy Fanai, of ‘The Camellia’ in Mizoram

‘The Camellia’ is a lovely homestay located at Chaltlang in Aizawl, Mizoram. It was launched just recently and we chatted with the manager, Daisy Fanai to get more details about the place. “The Camellia is really a family venture,” said Daisy. The piece of land where it is built was gifted to her mom by the grandfather who was the chief of Chaltlang. It was Daisy’s late grandmother’s favourite flower – the camellia and that’s how the name was formed. Their aim is to welcome every customer with utmost kindness and hospitality. Let’s find out everything about this cozy homestay! We had a chat with Daisy Finai, manager of her family’s Airbnb, ‘The Camellia’ to get more details about the place, it’s specialties, services, etc! Hello! Introduce a little about yourself. Hello! My name is Daisy Fanai and first of all I want to thank you for giving us this opportunity. I’m from Mizoram and currently living here in Aizawl. I did most of my schooling in Calcutta and New Delhi. I studied English Hons …


Imlijungshi, a Self-Taught Artist from Nagaland, Finds Freedom in Art

Imlijungshi is a self-taught artist from Dimapur, Nagaland. He experiments with various mediums, from sketching to digital tools to illustrate Nagaland’s ethnic culture and community. Inspired by anime, his work reflects his inner passion for his homeland and his art. He recently bagged a job offer to be an illustrator for a game and wishes to continue sketching and painting with the same passion in future. Read on to know more about him.  We interviewed with Imlijungshi, a self-taught artist from Nagaland to get some insight about his work, his inspiration and his future plans! Hello! Introduce a little about yourself. Hello! My name is Imlijungshi, from Dimapur. Nagaland. I’m currently in my BA final year and after that, I plan on spending my time and life doing art. Tell us about your work, what got you started? My works are mostly experimental as a self-taught artist but I mainly focus towards our Nagaland’s ethnic cultures and community. And I plan on improving my skills to show the full potential of Nagaland’s cultural aesthetic values …


Mother’s Day Special | Folks Across The Country Shares ‘Sweetest And Funniest Things Moms Say And Do’

They say a mother can take the place of all the others yet whose place no one else can take. They are irreplaceable and every mother is uniquely special in her own ways. So, on this Mother’s Day, we wanted to recall and celebrate the authentic virtues that are tied down to motherhood: sacrifice, commitment, selfless love, perseverance—the list is endless. We have reached out to some lovely folks across the country and asked them to share some things about their mothers, and the answers are heartwarming! Scroll down to read them all. My story is a combination of both the sweetest and the funniest time I had with my mom. One day, as I was walking around in the town shopping with my mom, I unconsciously began singing the carol “O Holy Night ” and as I gradually got more into it, singing louder and louder, walking amidst a whole crowd of people, rather than jolting me back to reality she joined in on the action, even louder than me, if I may add. …


Quick and Easy Recipe of Shrimps with Chives – by Wormung from Manipur

Not every delicious food needs great effort or time to make, at least not the dish we’re sharing with you today. Try this simple delicacy of shrimps with chives, contributed by Wormung from Manipur. She has prepared her shrimp dish with just few ingredients such as chives picked from her kitchen garden, chilli powder and garlic-onion. Let’s check out how she has done it. Quick and easy recipe of shrimps with chives, contributed by Wormung from Manipur Ingredients : Shrimps ( 500 gm) Chives (350 gm) Chilli Powder ( 2 tbsp ) Garlic ( 7 cloves ) Onion ( 1 medium size ) Salt to taste Preparations : Heat the pan, add 3-4 tbsp of oil Add the chopped onion, fry for about a minute, then put the chopped garlic Add the properly washed shrimps, chilli powder, salt and fry for about 20 minutes Add the chopped chives onto it and fry for another 5-7 minutes. The shrimp dish is ready to serve. Enjoy!


Explore Lachung, a Pristine Mountain Village in Sikkim

If you ever visit Sikkim, you may not want to miss out Lachung. Whether you want a soul-searching experience or an off-beat adventure, Lachung has got it all. If only words could do justice on this breathtaking clean village – be it trekking, strolling around, taking photographs or just sit back and relax with a cup of tea and book — simply immerse in the breathtaking views!  An overview of the spectacular Lachung village in Sikkim When you’re there, do not forget to visit the famous Samten Choling monastery. This monastery is known to be one of the hot-spots for tourists seeking peace and quiet for decades. It is said that over a century ago, Lachung was a popular spot for spiritual practices. The Samten Choling monastery in Lachung dates back to 1850. As per Chinese astrology, it was built in the year of the metal dog and this holds much religious significance. Buddhist worshipers who visit the monastery are said to be blessed with happiness and inner prosperity after doing so. In 1930, the …


“My Art Is Based On Cultural And Ethnic Identity” – A Chat With K Free Themreichan, Artist From Manipur

Today, we’re presenting to you yet another brilliant artist—K. Free Themreichan from Manipur, who is painter as well as a singer! Having been gifted with such impeccable talent, his paintings have been exhibited in various art shows and he has released two gospel albums too. His artworks showcases the rich culture of his community and the livelihood of the locals. “Growing up in nature’s lap gave me an unparalleled fondness for nature“, says Themreichan. His love for nature is certainly reflected in his art. Read on to know more about him. We had a chat with K Free Themreichan, an artist from Manipur, about his artworks, how his roots and culture inspired his work, his passion for music and more! Hello! Please introduce a little about yourself and your work. My name is K. Free Themreichan. I’m a painter and a musician from Ukhrul, Manipur. I did my BFA from Imphal Arts College and went on to complete MFA from College of Art, Delhi. My paintings have been exhibited in various art shows. My important …