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“I Write Songs Based On My Life Experiences” – A Chat With Bors Bey, Singer-Songwriter From Assam

For Bors Im Bey, making music is about sharing his life experiences with people. What began as a hobby for him in college, has now become his passion and profession. A self-taught singer-songwriter from Assam, he currently resides in Goa, and performs gigs and in events across the country. He write songs both in English and Hindi, and enthralls his fans with his mellifluous voice. Read on as he opens up about his life and inspiration! 

We had a chat with Bors Im Bey, singer-songwriter from Assam. He talks about how he discovered his passion for music, his gigs in Goa and more!


Bors Bey, singer-songwriter from Assam

  • Hello! Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi! My name is Bor Im Bey — Bors became a stage name during my college days and has stuck till today. I was brought up in Karbi Anglong, a beautiful district in Assam. But I currently live in Goa and keep travelling around the country for mostly private gigs/events. I started my music journey in 2015.

  • What sparked your interest in singing, how did it all start?

I have never taken any musical training or been to a musical school. I am a self-taught musician and I loved singing since my early days in school, but I came to realise my passion for music only after I joined college and met friends who were interested in music. That’s where I learnt playing the guitar. Since then, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in music.

Bors Bey winning an award hosted by INCA (India Nightlife Convention and Awards)


Bors Bey winning an award hosted by INCA (India Nightlife Convention and Awards)

A cover of an Assamese song, “Bidekhot apun manuh” by Bors Bey

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A song from the 90’s Bidekhot Apun Manuh ❤️

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  • How has your upbringing influenced your working style?

My mother is a singer, so there was always music around me since my childhood days. There were cassettes of old Hindi album and my brother would bring himself some English music cassettes. But after joining college, my taste of music changed to heavy music, influenced by many of my friends. I listened to any and all kinds of music. After moving to Goa, I have concentrated working more on the contemporary music – Bollywood or English music.

  • What’s your work philosophy and where do you take inspiration from?

I write songs and compose, both in English and Hindi. I’ve recorded a few but it’s unreleased. My parents are my biggest inspiration, be it music or in my life.  I mostly listen to Jazz and instrumental music. To name a few artist I listen to are – Coldplay, Keane, Real estate and Michael Bubble.

  • What is your most memorable performance so far?

It has to be with my ex-band, “Aspirant” back in 2014 when we were invited to play for the first North-East festival in Goa.

Bors Bey with his ex-band, “Aspirant” performing at the first North-East festival in Goa, 2014.


Bors Bey with his ex-band, “Aspirant” performing at the first North-East festival in Goa, 2014.

  • Tell us about your latest song collections.

Recently, I have recorded two Hindi songs and they are in the process of releasing soon. As my show schedule are busy, it’s going to take a while. But I’m sure I’m going to make an album in my near future. I write songs based on my experience in life. They say music is the best medicine to overcome anything!

To know more about Bors Bey, follow him on Instagram! Here’s Bors performing at Sundate at the Bambolim Beach Resort, Goa 2018. Make sure to subscribe his YouTube channel too.

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