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“Rediscovering This Forest Has Brought Back Fond Memories from My Childhood Years” Akumla from Nagaland Takes Us for a Walk

Isn’t it a delight when you discover hidden gems that opens up a whole new world for you? One of our friends Akumla from Nagaland had such an experience, as she ventured out one cold Winter evening below her house in Kohima, Nagaland. We got talking about this experience as we were scrolling through her Instagram feed recently and got her to share them with our readers – along with some lovely inspiring thoughts from this walk she took 2 years ago.

Scroll down for photos from her walk and her story . . .


Clear Blue Sky amidst the cold winter air | Forest Colony Kohima Nagaland. Photo by Akumla

“I stay in Lower Forest Colony in Kohima Nagaland. These photos were taken by me one fine day in the winter of 2018. That day, I decided to take a solitary walk, driven by sheer joblessness during the holiday season. The air around was pretty chilly and cold, but once I took off into the beautiful landscape of the neighborhood forest area, my heart warmed up – and instantly – at that very moment – resolved to take more such walks. Sadly, it is still far and between, as work and life (in general) get in the way.

Nevertheless, that walk reminded me of those yesteryears when we had more time (we made time!) for frequent walks and picnics in these very areas.. the “neighborhood gang” would get together for our weekend picnics, or simply to just walk around collecting wild gooseberries, or just to play in the little brook (which was still quite pristine ..) all weaved under non-stop chatter about everything under the sun…”


Walking through the neighborhood forest Area in Forest Colony Kohima | Photo by Akumla


“We used to go and play by the brookside inside the forest” | Forest Colony Kohima. Photo by Akumla


Walking through the neighborhood forest Area in Forest Colony Kohima | Photo by Akumla

“..Amidst these wonderful memories flooding back, I was also pleasantly surprised to see kids playing basketball under the tall trees in that forest. Ah well, we may have lost our childhood energy, but the forest still stands strong to this day – energizing everyone that gives her company I guess.. So here’s a reminder to all reading this, to take more walks, play outdoors more often, and re-connect with your friends😊” ~ Akumla Aier, Kohima


Kids playing basketball inside the forest | Forest Colony Kohima | Photo by Akumla

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