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A Quick Chat with Aienla Jamir, Founder of Rustique Edge – Your Vintage Craft Heaven

Meet artist and entrepreneur Aien Jamir from the beautiful hills of Nagaland. She is the founder and co-ordinator of the production house, Tinted Light Studio and also the owner of Rustique Edge. 

Photo : Aienla Jamir, founder of Craft Store Rustique Edge and Production House, Tinted Light Studio

  • Tell us about your venture, Rustique Edge.

Well, we make customized handmade products  – across home decor items, bridal accessories, gift items, leather crafts, precious gemstones jewelry, and traditional Naga gears. It’s something very close to my heart, as I have always enjoyed collecting, and taking inspirations from vintage items – be it clothes, crafts, home decor etc. So when I finally decided to start my own venture, it had to be around an activity that I love doing. So I picked vintage and crafts, both of which has kept me occupied and inspired throughout my life.

Sneak peek of Rustique Edge decor. #crystals #crates #rusticwedding #rusticdecor #localbrand #nagaland

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Handmade Precious gemstone jewelery by Rustique Edge.


Chair cushions | Rustique Edge


Crystal Head Band by Rustique Edge

  • How has your upbringing (your roots) influenced your work?

I have always been inspired by my mom, who is an artist –  a musician and a performer, who also loved making handmade gifts for my friends. Moreover, as someone born and brought up in a culture enriched by creativity and an appreciation of beauty in several art forms, it’s impossible to stay away – and I am grateful. It is a blessing to have this advantage of  rich tradition and culture.

  • What is so special about handmade gifts?

There is something about handmade gifts that always appealed to me. They are truly personal. Each gift tells a story – that it’s made just for you, with love and care.

I grew up at a time when handwritten letters and handmade gifts were common and valued. But today, it’s rare to even receive a personal text or email. Genuine communication with loved ones is fleeting in this age of Whatsapp and Snapchat.  So I wanted to be the one to help rekindle the closeness of relationships – the old fashioned way – through these handcrafted creations.

RootsandLeisure_RustiqueEdge RootsandLeisure_RustiqueEdge

  • How can we get our hands on your lovely handmade items? What is the price range?

It’s all about personalization, so currently I take all orders personally. I believe Rustique Edge’s trademark is the minute detailing in each product – made with dedication and love. I create a custom craft for every client, and hence the rates differ. I must admit that I find pricing (for the handmade items) really tasking; it’s difficult to put a price. So working around the client’s budget, makes much more sense for me.

More handmade creations on Rustique Edge’s Instagram



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