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Psychedelic Art and Amusement With Visual Artist/ Musician: Sachin Bhatt from Bangalore


Visual artist and musician, Sachin Bhatt is an indie art lover’s best-kept secret.  Bhatt is a young talent who, like many artists, is on a constant quest of finding himself and his place in the world. Bhatt’s art and music shines through this process of deliberation, where he is on his own picking pieces off of his busy mind, but equally, in relation to other people and their nuances, he is confronted with. Here’s how he does it.


Photo : Sachin Bhatt by Rahul Kashyap (@camerosapien)

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Sachin Bhatt, but I go by @bhattchin over Instagram. I’m a 19-year-old musician and visual artist studying at Srishti School of Design, Bangalore.  I’ve been illustrating ever since I can remember and I’ve never really stopped doing that.

What actually sparked your interest in art?

I’m a musician as well and I’ve been making art based on music for ages. I’ve absorbed a lot of pop culture and I love showing it through my art.

Tell us about your art and how do you work on it?

So, I work with a lot of surrealistic and psychedelic elements in my work. There’s this new wave of nostalgia and psychedelia coming back in the visual and creative world and I just want to make sure that people are reminded of India’s contribution to it in the past.

For the longest time, I was making all my illustrations using my fingers on an old Apple iPod Touch. The screen was tiny, the software was restricted, but I was somehow able to make it work for me. I got myself the new iPad Pro a couple of weeks ago. So, that’s been making life a lot easier.


Photo : ‘Pre-marital jitters’ by Sachin Bhatt @bhattchin


Photo: ‘Regret, Regret’ by Sachin Bhatt @bhattchin /Typography by @sanjanabhatt /Illustrated on an Apple iPod Touch

Are you involved in any full-time projects currently?

I illustrate full time, but I’m also a student in my second year at Srishti School of Design. I mainly work with the independent music scene in India, making album art and other visual creatives for them. I’m also a photographer.

Currently, I run an art collective called Found with my sister and a few other friends. We work with creative teams of other independent bands and do some other similar fun stuff. I mainly make art for bands and artists in the independent music scene in India. Some of the recent album artworks I’ve worked on are for bands like The F16s, Kumail, Black Letters, and Oceantied among others.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? 

My art is mostly inspired by music since I’m also a musician. I released an EP last year called Shifty Eyes. I’ve always tried to capture moods that reflect on my art and music at the same time.

My work depicts these strange, uncomfortable moments that occur to me while I’m walking around my neighborhood alone listening to some groovy tunes.

What do you hope people take away from your art?

I just want people to have a slight moment of amusement while scrolling through their Instagram feed during their day.


Photo: ‘Choice of Weapon- Health Faucet’ by Sachin Bhatt @bhattchin


Photo : ‘Steamy Times’ by Sachin Bhatt @bhattchin

Can you single out an item from your work which you are particularly proud of and why? 

That would be the album art my sister and I did for Tangents’ Motion / Emotion because I’m just extremely pleased that I was given the opportunity to work on such a brilliant collection of tunes.

Are you involved with any art project currently?

I’m working with Black Letters on their new album right now. I’ll also be releasing a series of other artworks soon. 


Photo : Album art for @tangents_india by @bhattchin and @sanjanabhatt


Photo : Album art for @tangents_india by @bhattchin and @sanjanabhatt

You can follow Sachin’s amazing art and music on his social media – Instagram / Facebook 

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