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This Bangalore Artist Takes Surreal Art to the Next Level – Vibhav Singh | Illustrator

Now and then, while on our quest to find the right art and people to inspire us, we come across artists that transcend the real world in a rare way. Every work of art they create provokes familiarity within us. Scrolling through Vibhav Singh’s Instagram feed made our curators exclaim, “This one is stolen from my dream!” or “Whew, that’s what I was thinking just yesterday!” Vibhav’s work seems to have created a bond with his fans and followers too. By being dreamy, yet eerily real, his art constructs a world that makes us want to quit whatever we’re doing and sip on hot chocolate with them in the hidden attics of our mind.

  • Hey Vibhav, what’s your story?
    I’m a 21-year-old artist and illustrator working in Bangalore – and I like to tell stories. I’m originally from Indirapuram from NCR, New Delhi. Stories have always been a huge part of my life through books, doodles, and films, and that’s what I intend to bring to my work. I’ve been drudging through art college for the past three years trying hard to maintain my sanity.


  • Why did you want to become an illustrator?
    I was drawing even before I learnt how to speak, and I think there might be a correlation there. Besides, the other three members of my family are artists and writers, so this was quite obviously the path I was supposed to embark on.

Photo | Vibhav’s Work for Sofar Pune



  • What sparked your interest in visual art?
    My elder brother and I have always been partners in crime since childhood. We loved conjuring up tales of distant lands and multiverses. I guess we are both blessed with a highly visual imagination. I have always felt the urge to translate these to the visual medium.
  • So art is more than just a hobby to you?
    I’m a student and a design student at that. So technically, my hobby is my pursuit. However, I do like to take a break from creating art to play the guitar and sing. Music serves both as a respite and a source of inspiration for me.
  • What’s your creative philosophy?
    If it isn’t fun to work on, it’s not worth working on. I find it really hard to give my fullest to a project unless I believe in it myself. Having said that, some projects do come along that need to be done, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I can’t make them fun for myself.
    Inspiration mostly creeps up on me when I’m not looking for it. I find it in overheard conversations, cups of tea, jam sessions with strangers, long walks with a close friend, the solace of my room.
  • What do you hope people take away from your art?
    Most of my art revolves around emotions. I try capturing little nuggets in time, moments that can tell a story. If these snapshots can make people feel even a semblance of the emotion I’m trying to convey, then I consider my job done.
  • Can you single out one of your recent creations that you are particularly proud of?
    Singling one out is extremely difficult, but I’m really proud of Come On Eileen, my Indianama 2017 submission – Land of a Thousand Toothy Smiles and my ongoing series Daydreamin’.

Photo | Daydreamin’

Photo | Land of a Thousand Toothy Smiles

  • Have you worked on anything new recently?
    I recently worked on a graphic short story as part of a college project. It’s a true story that talks about environmental issues and the grey cloud of ignorance surrounding them. It’s unlike anything else I’ve worked on. I intend to refine it and put it out there for people to see.
  • How have your roots influenced your career?

    I come from a household that values love and having fun over everything else, and that reflects in my philosophy toward art and toward work in general. I have always been taught to dream big and to not be afraid of taking risks; to keep challenging myself but never to lose confidence in myself;  to love, care and forgive. We are a family that relishes in good times together and deals with problems as one. All of this has influenced me to create work that is emotionally rich, where almost every piece of art has a piece of myself in it.

    For more surreal art from Vibhav Singh, follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

Photo | Space Oddity



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Tech Journalist. Enterprise Tech Enthusiast. Digs Indie music. Shweta also helps out as a copy editor for R&L.
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Tech Journalist. Enterprise Tech Enthusiast. Digs Indie music. Shweta also helps out as a copy editor for R&L.