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Asemyouba Jamir, A Student and A Photographer From Kohima, Talks About His Art and More

Asemyouba Jamir’s love for photography began with taking pictures with a phone camera. Photography became a way for him to communicate, express, and understand the world. Currently pursuing a masters in Mass Communication, he juggles with multiple photography on the side to keep honing his skills. Besides that, he’s also trying his hands at videography. Living in the Northeast, he captures the beautiful landscape, the people, and nature that are close to his heart.

We spoke to him about his future plans, how he learnt photography without any professional training and more.

In-depth chat with Asemyouba Jamir to know more about his work and how it all began.


Asemyouba Jamir

  • Hello! Tells us a bit about yourself?

Hi! I’m Asemyouba Jamir. I’m originally from Kohima, Nagaland but living in Shillong right now, where I’m pursuing my master’s degree in Mass Communication, NEHU (Shillong).

  • Introduce your work to us. What got you started?

Since childhood, I was always interested in photography and videography. But since there was no platform to learn from, I started practising through mobile phone camera. I soon began learning about the art of photography through YouTube and other online materials.

  • What initially sparked your interest in this field?

While growing up in Kohima, I was privileged to have friends who had an interest in different art forms, especially music and taking pictures. I became eager to know about how a particular image was captured, or how a particular film was shot. I was always the one would take pictures and videos of my friends singing and playing instruments. From there on, my hobby became a passion.


Covering the landscape!

  • How have your roots influenced your work or working style?

I was constantly on YouTube watching tutorials, especially after class. I was curious as to how other professionals create great content visuals. I learnt the basics and started developing my own style. I first began experimenting by shooting an after-movie for the college spring fest.


  • How do you manage to indulge in your hobby?

Since I am still studying, I am freelancing a bit now and then. Twice or thrice a week, I take up gigs at the restaurants after class. When I am not shooting, I tend to watch more videos on YouTube for more insights.

  • What’s your work philosophy–where do you take inspiration from? 

I believe it is crucial to keep doing what we love, in spite of the hurdles. I also believe learning by struggling, it makes us more human because I wouldn’t be who I am today without that. Keep practising your skills as regularly as possible is a crucial part of the learning process which will mould and expand any creative art form.


  • What do you hope people take away from your art?

From my work, I hope people view the world through my perspective. I would also like to focus on the importance of moments that we hardly get to appreciate especially since they pass by so quickly.

  • Tell us about your latest project.

Recently I worked as a main videographer and organiser at The Hills Festival, Shillong. I learned so much about event management and got the opportunity to meet plenty of other photographers and videographers. It helped me learn how to handle pressure, especially on a large level, while working faster and more efficiently.


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