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“The Covid Pandemic Brought a Lot of Helplessness Initially, But Very Soon We Shifted to How We Can Help” ~ Artist Kenei Solo from Nagaland


As we weather the COVID pandemic with fear, caution, and sometimes frustration, this post is to highlight how young people are doing their bit to help. We had an artist from Nagaland – Kenei Solo, reach out to us to inform about an initiative she had started with a bunch of artist friends to raise funds, with the aim to help individuals affected by the lockdown – and the pandemic at large.

About the campaign:

A doner needs to commission a portrait art from any of the eight participating artists for Rs. 500 and up. The doner gets the portrait and every rupee raised will go to ‘Green Team Kohima‘ – another small team of young people working hard to provide free ration and help to local people affected by the lockdowns.

Commission a portrait to donate: A bunch of young artists from Nagaland started a fundraising initiative to donate to charities to aid them in their #COVID19 outreach helping families & individuals in need.

Rootsandleisure_Covid_Artist donate

Commission a Portrait to Donate #Covid Nagaland | 8 Participating artists

Here’s what each artist has to say about why they decided to initiate and participate in this campaign. Get a glimpse into each of their art style/profile as well. Go to our Instagram post LINK to book a slot with an artist and donate.


“When this all started, there was a feeling of helplessness. But we realized as artists, we could put our talents to good use and help the less fortunate in our community.We couldn’t be happier with the response and support we’ve received.” ~ Kenei Solo

{DM @Kenz0draws to book a portrait and donate }

Rootsandleisure_Covid_Artist donate

Kenei Solo {@Kenz0draws }


“We just wanted to help out in our own little ways.Kudos to Kenei Solo on taking up the initiative.” ~Wewe Kapfo

{DM @wewedraws to book a portrait and donate }.

Read our old interview with her <here>

Rootsandleisure_Covid_Artist donate


“I really wanted to help out (during this pandemic) in any way I could, and this campaign gave me the perfect opportunity to help” ~ Akuo Miachieo

{DM @AkuoMiachieo to book a portrait and donate }.

Rootsandleisure_Covid_Artist donate


“I’ve always wanted to use my art to help people somehow in any way possible .. I thank Kenei for starting this super cool initiative and giving me an opportunity to be a part of this. Thank you.” ~Onen Atsongchanger

{DM @Mr. Brightside to book a portrait and donate }

Read our old interview withOnen <here>

Rootsandleisure_Covid_Artist donate

Onen Atsongchanger {@Mr. Brightside}


“Being in social isolation, I was very art blocked and unmotivated. But taking part in this fundraising initiative brought a wave of inspiration for both art and social work. I want to help and make a difference in this world, even if it’s just by a small measure.” ~@Saltyneko

{DM @Saltyneko to book a portrait and donate }



“Honestly, we just wanted to help out in whatever small capacity we could. We walked into this not really expecting much and are very grateful for the overwhelming support everyone has shown.” ~Thej Yhome

{DM @thej_draws to book a portrait and donate }.

Here’s a chat with this amazingly talented digital manga artist <here>

Rootsandleisure_Covid_Artist donate


“Though my prayer goes out to those in need, I could not extend my help in any other way. But through this commission, getting to help for the people in need with my work has been a great opportunity.” ~@TokitoYeptho

{DM @TokitoYeptho to book a portrait and donate }.

Rootsandleisure_Covid_Artist donate


“The COVID outbreak and the resulting lockdown has led to the unemployment of the minimum wage workers and made elderly helpless without any support from far-away family members. It is human to help each other out during this time of great distress.” ~@superscarkitty

{DM @superscarkitty to book a portrait and donate }.

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