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“Music is my Coping Mechanism” — Soul Singer Claudia Lyngdoh from Shillong, Meghalaya

Claudia Lyngdoh is a music star waiting to be found! We discovered this budding female soul singer on Instagram and spent a good amount of time simply admiring her voice and the immense potential she has. She is a singer/songwriter who is juggling college life while moonlighting the career of her dreams — music. Currently living in Shillong, she’s gearing up to play at NH7 Weekender for the 2nd time! 

Claudia sat down with R&L, on her very first interview ever, to share about life and an exclusive preview from her upcoming EP. 


  • Hi Claudia, please introduce yourself to the R&L community!

Hey there, I’m Claudia Lyngdoh, which is my stage name too. I’m 20 years ‘young’, born and brought up in Shillong. I’m currently pursuing my Bachelor’s at St. Mary’s College, Shillong and making music on the side. I feel I’m a soulful person with a similar soulful taste in music!

Claudia at 93.5 Big Fm Radio


Claudia at 93.5 Big Fm Radio

  • You sing beautifully! Tell us how you got started.

Aw, thank you. Funny story! I started my career through Instagram.

I was inspired by watching local musicians doing their own thing like Banrap Lyngdoh, Meba Ofilia, Martin, Lamphang, and Jeremy. I took inspiration and motivation from them and that’s what pushed me to start posting my own covers and songs on social media as well.

I posted some covers on Instagram and I got really good feedback. That’s how I began to take music seriously and started considering of having a career in music.

Covering Maxwell’s ‘Pretty Wings’

  • Tell us about your first ever gig. How was it?

It’s been 3 years now and I was an introvert back then! I hated to do anything in public.

I remember my first gig with Sambok Maw Nai at Poinisuk Hotel, Shillong. That gig basically changed my life. I learned something about myself  – I wasn’t really an introvert and it was all in my head. 


Claudia at Poinisuk Hotel

  • Being a college student, how do you manage to indulge in your hobby?

While studying in college, we’re also mostly broke! So music becomes my coping mechanism, something similar to breathing— it is very innate and natural to me. When my heart feels like it, I just start singing.

When it comes to working out on new songs, that part is hard. I’m struggling with the art of songwriting but I’m getting better.

Claudia singing a song composed by one of her friends.

  • Tell us about how your upbringing influences your music and your musical style?

Honestly, the biggest influences on me are my friends and family. Seeing and hearing them pursuing their own passions and being around them, in general, has influenced me a lot. I believe that this has allowed me to grow as a person and also evolve my sound.

  • What kind of music can we find on your playlist?

I’m into a lot of genres. I chill with jazz, RnB, soul, neo-soul, even Hip Hop. Artists here in Shillong influence me more. Other artists also do have a huge impact on me and my style— classics like Lauryn Hill, Aretha Franklin, Leon Bridges, Cory Henry, Frank Sinatra, and Tony Bennett to name just a few.

Claudia covering Aretha Franklin’s “I Say A Little Prayer”

  • In 2018, you had a chance to perform at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender? Tell us about it.

That time I was very sick so you know how bad the mood gets but I had fun, a lot of good memories, free food all day and night for us artists there – it was a good experience.

I performed with a group of musicians who were also soul music enthusiasts called the Adl x & The Other Soul Collective— I sang a few songs with them. It was certainly a highlight in my career so far!

Claudia with Adl x & The Other Soul Collective at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender, 2018, Meghalaya


Claudia with  Adl x & The Other Soul Collective at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender, 2019, Meghalaya

  • Other than Weekender, what has been your most memorable gig?

There is this one gig at Living Roof Cafe, Shillong, that’s still my favorite one.

I performed with my cousin, Jeremy Mawlong. This gig was unlike any other gig especially because the audience was very responsive and receptive to my music. They were all huddled around the stage, some people were on the floor as well, and I felt that I was actually speaking to them through my music and we were sharing the same energy. It was a fulfilling experience.

Claudia will be performing at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2019 with singer/rapper Meba Ofilia, Meghalaya.

  • Tell us about some of your future projects.

Currently working on an EP with my friend who’s a producer, Gregory Nongrum. He’s also a member of the band, Blue Temptation. Can’t tell much about it for now but it’s full of emotions.

However, I can share a snippet from the upcoming album, just for Roots and Leisure readers, to give you a feel of what the album is going to sound like.

Exclusive R&L snippet from Claudia’s upcoming album

  • What do you hope people will take away from your music?

I want to connect with people through my music, especially to the people that listen to my music.

We all have our own problems. I want my music to take away those issues and insecurities and comfort them that there are other people who are in solidarity with them and their problems— that we’re all fighting and living life together!

Head over to Claudia’s Instagram to keep posted with her music!

Claudia with Gregory performing at Dylan’s Cafe


Claudia with Gregory performing at Dylan’s Cafe

Claudia at The Evening Club, Shillong, Meghalaya


Claudia at The Evening Club, Shillong, Meghalaya

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