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Die Hard Soccer Fan and Coffee Lover Dikhri Wezah Opens Soccer Cafe in Kohima to Bring His Two Passions Together

Introducing a dear friend of mine, who has inspired me all these years with his ‘can-do’ attitude, and a zealous attitude towards life. Say hi to Dikhri Wezah from Kohima – a passionate and hardworking comrade of mine. At just 25 years of age, he has accomplished a major goal he has set for himself. Knowing the kind of person that he is, I know that this is just the beginning.

A year ago, over a casual conversation, he shared about his dream to open a cafe, where he can merge his love for football and food – specifically to promote a healthy lifestyle. So when I received an invitation to the opening of his restaurant last November, I was overjoyed and told myself with a smile ‘The deed has been done indeed.’ And true to his vision, Dikhri’s ‘Soccer cafe’ is a hip hang out spot for football lovers in Kohima, where one can enjoy live screenings, healthy food, and great coffee. So let’s have a chat with Dikhri to get more details.

Dikhri Wezah – Owner of ‘Soccer Cafe’ Kohima

Rootsandleisure_Soccer Cafe_Dikhri Wezah

Dikhri Wezah – Owner of ‘Soccer Cafe’ Kohima

  • Menule: Hi Dikhri, thanks for taking time out for this chat. Please introduce yourself.

Dikhri: Hi, my name is Dikhri Wezah, I am from Chizami village, Nagaland. I am passionate about football, fitness, healthy eating, and great coffee! After completing my Master’s in biotechnology from Kristi Jayanti College Bengaluru, I came back home to pursue a life-long passion – to start something of my own. Which I finally did last year by launching ‘Soccer Cafe’ in Kohima.

  • Menule: How would your friends describe you?

Dikhri: I would assume my friends describe me as a detail-oriented, enthusiastic and passionate person.

  • Menule: So tell us more about ‘Soccer Cafe.’

Dikhri: As the name suggests, the theme of the cafe is football. You’ll see a lot of that in the decor, and the overall ambiance. We have a menu filled with healthy options -all prepared using fresh organic ingredients. We avoid processed food as much as we can.

It is located near Classic Island, Kohima, and his cafe may as well be the only cafe in the whole of Kohima to serve healthy food items and not fast food. We host regular match streamings, so football lovers, and/or fitness enthusiasts will love this place. We also offer a good number of customized food and drinks, and pay special attention to all our customers


Soccer Cafe, Kohima


Health food served at Soccer Cafe, Kohima


Customized health drinks served at Soccer Cafe, Kohima

Rootsandleisure_Soccer Cafe Kohima3

Health food served at Soccer Cafe, Kohima

  • Menule: What made you think that opening a soccer-themed cafe would be a good venture to start?

Dikhri: As a coffee lover and a die-hard soccer fan, I always loved visiting sports cafés (especially soccer-based) which I also do to this day. And it’s my desire and passion for football that has led me to finally start my own café called soccer café which is based in Kohima. This cafe focuses on three main objectives- joint-live screening, healthy food, and good coffee. Live football matches will be screened during match days in order to bring football fans together and create a strong fan base zone. And being a very health-conscious person and a coffee lover, I have introduced a number of self-customized healthy food and drinks in my café which I believe can lead people to a healthier diet.

Plus, I love coffee as much as I love football, which is why I introduced fresh organic coffee into my menu. These freshly roasted beans are sourced from Kalledevarapura which is located in Karnataka. By opening this new cafe, I would like to encourage all the football fans in and around the town to come and enjoy the football world together while indulging themselves in healthy food and fresh coffee.

Rootsandleisure_Soccer Cafe Kohima3

Soccer Cafe, Kohima

  • Menule: Tell us about your latest work/project.

Dikhri: Lately, I’ve started turning more attention towards coffee and the science behind brewing a fresh cup of coffee with fresh beans. I’m working towards encouraging my very own villagers to start growing coffee in their farms and thus eventually promoting this coffee culture in our society. To bring up more healthy food items in my cafe is also a major focus in the near future.

  • What is your current favorite item on your menu?

My current favorite is definitely a bitter fresh-brewed pour-over coffee!

  • Menule: Who are your greatest inspirations?

Dikhri: Not anyone particularly, but I get inspiration from people who follow their passion and are actively pursuing what they love doing.

  • Menule: What’s on your playlist/reading list?

Dikhri: I routinely listen to inspirational videos on YouTube which fuels my daily drive and I’ve also stacked up Robin Sharma’s and Paul Coelho’s books on my reading list.

  • Menule: How has your journey been so far?

Dikhri: I love doing what I do and so I never really had a bad day with my work so far. And it’s not possible to see sunshine on all days but to hope for better days during these trying times and it is what I strongly believe will leverage us to greater heights. To sustain and keep the business alive is not really a short-term goal but I choose and decide to keep my feet firm and hope for the best.

  • Menule: Any goals for the year 2021?

Dikhri: Yes, I have so many goals be it short-term or long-term. I set myself a goal of walking and running 4 km every morning and which I’ve been doing for the past 8 months. My top priority for this current year is to be as productive as I can potentially be, to stay committed to my goals, and keep up the spirit of doing small things in a big way.

Next time you are in Kohima, do drop in to ‘Soccer Cafe’ located in P.R. Hill, near Classic Island.

Rootsandleisure_Soccer Cafe_Dikhri Wezah

Dikhri Wezah – Owner of ‘Soccer Cafe’ Kohima

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