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These Handmade Soaps by an ‘Amateur Soaper’ Will Melt Your Hearts! Meet the Creator Viphrünü Noswe from Nagaland

Interview by Menule

I recently came across one of the cutest soaps stamped tastefully with the photo of a K-pop star! Luckily, I found them on Instagram, and on exploring their feed, I discovered a host of interesting soaps, that came in all colors and shapes. They even make ‘solid perfume’ – a moisturizing balm that is scented with lavender essential oil! Turns out, this brand is a local product from Nagaland – called  ‘Phrü Handmade Soap’ aka ‘Amateur Soaper.’

Discovering their range of products has genuinely brought so much joy to my day (that day), and I have been talking about them ever since. So here I am, catching up with the founder /creator herself – Viphrünü Noswe from Nagaland. I interview her about her brand, get her to give us a peek into the soap-making process, and share some behind-the-brand bits like –  the first product she ever made, her favorite afternoon snack, and more!

Viphrünü Noswe – Founderof ‘Phrü Handmade Soap’

Rootsandleisure_Phrü Handmade Soap

Viphrünü Noswe from Nagaland – Founder-Creator of ‘Phrü Handmade Soap’

  • Menule : Hi Viphrünü, please introduce yourself to our readers.

Viphrünü: My name is Viphrünü Noswe. I completed my Master of Divinity in Youth Ministry and Family in Shalom Bible Seminary, Zubza.

I am an introvert by nature but my desire and my passion to minister to people have pushed me to move out from my comfort zone and reach out to people. Besides making soap, I have a team and we reach out to vegetable vendors at BOC with tea and snacks. I also started a Bible class of 40 days where I teach them the word of God and social etiquette. Presently, I am reaching out to 23 kids.

  • Menule : That’s amazing! and how would your friends describe you?

Viphrünü: Someone who is calm, lazy, friendly, determined, and soft-spoken.

  • Menule : You already know that I love your soap collections! What got you started with soap-making?

Viphrünü: I never thought I would get into the world of craftsmanship since I had doubts about excelling at it. But deep down, I always wanted to do more in life, to excel at something or the other.

One day, when I saw an ad for a ‘soap making’ class, I decided to give it a shot. I slowly learned the art of soap making and began to enjoy the process of it all. It led me to launching my own little business page ‘Phrü Handmade Soap’ where I sell a varied collection of soap bars. 

Handmade soap with personalized photo|’Phrü Handmade Soap’ 

Rootsandleisure_Phrü Handmade Soap

Handmade soap with personalized photo – by ‘Phrü Handmade Soap’               

  • Menule : Tell us about the first soap you made.

Viphrünü: One of the first soaps I made was a charcoal bar. Truth be told, I was really impressed by the results. The texture, the color (it was pitch black), the scent, the shape! I couldn’t believe it. My siblings were also impressed and the whole outcome of the first batch itself pushed me to take the art of soap making further and to put them up for sale.

Charcoal soap by ‘Phrü Handmade Soap’     

Rootsandleisure_Phrü Handmade Soap72

Charcoal soap by ‘Phrü Handmade Soap’               

  • Menule : What do you enjoy most about the process of soap making?

Viphrünü: Skin problems are unending and with the little that I can do to help people, it brings so much joy and warmth to my heart. 

Soap making has different kinds of processes. I am still a beginner in the soap-making process – melt and pour process! Hence, the name ‘Amateur Soaper.’ I try to make sure that the products are all-natural and chemical-free, and provide the best version of my products for my customers.

Handmade soap & Bath salts by ‘Phrü Handmade Soap’

Rootsandleisure_Phrü Handmade Soap

Handmade soap & Bath salts by ‘Phrü Handmade Soap’

  • Menule: What was the most recent product you made?

Viphrünü: I recently made a solid lotion bar. It is up on my Instagram business page ‘Phrii Handmade’ if you want to try a bar. It’s super moisturizing and I am certain that you will love the scent.  I put so much love and care into creating my soap bars, I try to bring the best products for the highest customer satisfaction.

Solid Lotion Bar by ‘Phrü Handmade Soap’

Rootsandleisure_Phrü Handmade Soap1

Solid Lotion Bar by ‘Phrü Handmade Soap’

  • Menule : Where do you find inspiration to make such creative products?

Viphrünü: Well, I watch and follow a lot of soapers on social media. They inspire me so much, especially Korean soapers. With the inspiration drawn from their page or channel, I purchase the necessities and try them as well. After thorough trials and experiments, once the outcome is perfect, I put it up for sale.

  • Menule : How has your journey been so far with ‘Phrü Handmade Soap’?

Viphrünü: It has been unexpectedly wonderful. Orders keep coming, people never stop showing love – be it a follow-up on my page, a share, or a simple like on my posts, words of encouragement, and purchasing one or two bars from my shop. I remember selling my first batch of soap bars in the month of August 2020 and since then I have never run out of orders. For this reason, I am immensely grateful to God for being my provider.

  • Menule : Now, some personal favorites.. what is your favorite afternoon snack?

Viphrünü: I don’t usually snack at night but I am a tea person. So afternoon snack would be obviously tea made – strong tea! and a classic bread and butter to go with.

  • Menule : How do you handle a bad day?

Viphrünü: If I ever have a bad day, I stop talking and give some time to myself first and make sure that I have something good to eat. Once I am done eating, I go back and reason as to what made me feel bad and reflect on it (works like magic, well, most times). 

  • Menule : Any goals for the year 2021?

Viphrünü: My goal this year is – One, to be punctual and not to delay my orders. I will continue to work on myself and try to be more prompt! Two, I love teaching and learning from little children. So, I plan to continue the offline Bible Study class which was done online since lockdown.

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