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Two Sisters from Nagaland Bring Eco Friendly Soy Candles for the Conscious Consumer | Chat with ‘Millennials & Gen Z’ Candles

I sat down with sisters Nuzosalu and Akholu Nyekha – founders of  ‘Millennials & Gen Z’ candles over the weekend to take you through their venture in detail. They specialize in making scented candles, or ‘therapy candles’ as they call it, using soy wax, which are biodegradable and hence much more environment-friendly. 

They started this venture as a hobby during the pandemic lockdowns, and I have been mesmerized ever since. What is even more admirable is their conscious contribution to their environment through their eco-friendly initiatives like using biodegradable soy-wax for their candles; they also have a recycling initiative where a customer can return four empty glass jars and get a new therapy candle in return. So let us try and understand more about their work / life philosophy, and explore the goodness of their therapy candles through a quick chat.

Sisters Nuzosalu and Akholu Nyekha – founders of ‘Millennials & Gen Z’ Candles


Sisters Nuzosalu and Akholu Nyekha – founders of ‘Millennials & Gen Z’ Candles

  • Menu: Hello Nuzo and Akho, thanks for taking out time to have this chat. Please introduce yourselves

Millennials & Gen Z: We are Nuzosalu Nyekha and Akholu Nyekha, we are sisters. We started this new venture and we are both full-time students in MBBS and Architecture fields. We believe in quality, less wastage, and sustainability.

  • Menu: Oh wow! The fact that you are able to spend time on your venture besides your heavy-duty acads is just admirable. Good going friends! So tell us more about ‘Millennials & Gen Z’ Candles.

Millennials & Gen Z:  Our brand makes scented candles made of vegetable wax (soy wax). The waxes that we use are biodegradable as our motive is to be as much environment-friendly as possible. Lighting a candle to us feels therapeutic. Since we are big-time users of scented candles, we started exploring more on candle-making, sourcing, oils, and fragrances. After all this research, we knew exactly what we wanted from our candles – a candle that burns clean and healthy, and with a fragrance that is subtle.. to make sure nothing is toxic for your health.

After a lot of trials using it ourselves and testing them, we finally launched our therapy candles during this long break from online classes when we were both at home together. We enjoy every step of making it from scratch and the fragrance that fills our home helps us calm our anxiety which was much needed during the pandemic.


‘Millennials and Gen Z’ Candles


‘Millennials and Gen Z’ Candles

  • Menu: Where do you guys get your inspiration from?

Millennials & Gen Z: Our greatest source of inspiration is our Mom, Dad, and Brothers. We are a close-knit family.. whenever we see the struggles of our family members, it brings us even closer, and makes us realize that hardships only make us stronger, and is often a stepping stone to something better, and almost always teaches us something new. We know what hard work is because our parents have always demonstrated it through the way they live their lives.

We are also indebted to our older brother for our journey so far.. he is one of our greatest source of inspiration. He is the one who always encourages us to break through the glass ceiling. He is always there to guide us, teach us and help us with every decision making. Both of us look up to him as a mentor and our guide. Our two younger brothers are also very supportive and always want us to do better; they inspire us to become better versions of ourselves..

  • Menu: What is the story behind the name ‘Millennials and Gen Z’?

Millennials & Gen Z: Coming up with our brand name was challenging. We had to consider everything from the type of product we wanted to create, the demographic of our target audience who would be interested in our products. After thinking through all these aspects, we decided to name our brand ‘Millennials and Gen Z’, which is basically the TG that we wanted to gather to.

We realized that most millennials and Gen Zs are environmentally and socially conscious consumers. We saw how individuals under these groups are choosing sustainable fashion over fast fashion, and not just fashion but this consciousness extends across many aspects of their lifestyle. We strongly feel that this young group of consumers can make a difference through their lifestlye choices.

  • Menu: How has the experience been so far?

Millennials & Gen Z: So far we have had a rewarding experience. It has been a learning curve for us. We’ve had our fair share of failed trials, but we have learned a lot along the way. Not only has it kept us busy and relaxed at the same time, but the learning curve through this passion experiment has also been truly rewarding.

  • Menu: Any special additions to your collection? What about your favorite fragrances?

Millennials & Gen Z:  We’ve been working on wax melts and that’s our newest addition to the catalog. Our current favorite fragrances are vanilla, green apple, and toasted marshmallow.

Wax melt candles by ‘Millennials and Gen Z’


Wax melt candles by ‘Millennials and Gen Z’

Coffee scented Soy Candles by ‘Millennials and Gen Z’

Rootsandleisure_Milennials and Gen Z candles3

Coffee scented Soy Candles by ‘Millennials and Gen Z’

  • Menu: We love sharing our playlists with our readers. Do you guys have any special songs on your playlist?

Millennials & Gen Z: Our playlist mostly consists of instrumental pieces and one of our favorite songs that relaxes us while working is Itsumo Nando Demo.

  • Menu: What are your plans for 2021?

Millennials & Gen Z: Our goal for 2021 is to launch a new product that we’ve been working on. It is also a product based on sustainability. That’s all we can say for now 🙂

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Coffee flavored tranquil candles by 'Millennials and Gen Z'

Shop scented therapy candles by ‘Millennials and Gen Z’ on their R&L Shop [shop.rootsandleisure.com]

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