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Meet Satish Elangbam, the Owner of Fika Kitchen & Studio in Imphal

Fika in Swedish means the act of drinking coffee and having a cheerful time with friends. Satish Elangbam chose to name his new cafe after Fika situated in Imphal. A cosy little corner away from the hustle-bustle of the city, Fika is inspired by Satish’s vision of creating a space that offered live music, amazing views and great food.  We met him to talk about his journey of opening the cafe, what inspired him and his future goals.   Hey Satish, tell us a bit about yourself! Hello, thanks for having me. I am Satish Elangbam from Imphal. I have completed my Bachelor’s degree and Sound Engineering diploma course from Bangalore. I also worked as a sound engineer in Bangalore for few months. However, I decided to leave the city and came back to Imphal in 2017 and started my own venture. Now  I am running  a cafe in Imphal known as Fika Kitchen & Studio. Tell us about the cafe and what inspired you to open it? Fika is a Swedish word which means drinking …

‘My Followers Inspired Me to Publish My First Book’ – Rodingpuii, a Self-Published Poet from Mizoram

Rodingpuii is a self-published poet from Mizoram who became a household name, in her home state, because of her raw and beautiful poems on Instagram. Her popularity on social media led to the publishing of her first book, an anthology of 200 poems, ‘Secondhand Scars’ which was a self-funded project and whose first 500+ copies published, were sold out within the first five days. We sat down with this talented woman to discuss her life and what the success of Secondhand Scars means to her as a poet and as a person.  Hi there, would you like to tell us a bit about yourself? My name is Rodingpuii, from Mizoram. I am currently pursuing my Masters in English from Pondicherry University. I have a page on Instagram where I write poetry under the name ‘RDP’ and have recently published a poetry book ‘Secondhand Scars’. Introduce us to your work. What exactly do you do and why? My work as a whole, for lack of better specification, would fall under ‘Poetry’. I take delight in expressing …


“Music is my Coping Mechanism” — Soul Singer Claudia Lyngdoh from Shillong, Meghalaya

Claudia Lyngdoh is a music star waiting to be found! We discovered this budding female soul singer on Instagram and spent a good amount of time simply admiring her voice and the immense potential she has. She is a singer/songwriter who is juggling college life while moonlighting the career of her dreams — music. Currently living in Shillong, she’s gearing up to play at NH7 Weekender for the 2nd time!  Claudia sat down with R&L, on her very first interview ever, to share about life and an exclusive preview from her upcoming EP.  Hi Claudia, please introduce yourself to the R&L community! Hey there, I’m Claudia Lyngdoh, which is my stage name too. I’m 20 years ‘young’, born and brought up in Shillong. I’m currently pursuing my Bachelor’s at St. Mary’s College, Shillong and making music on the side. I feel I’m a soulful person with a similar soulful taste in music! Claudia at 93.5 Big Fm Radio You sing beautifully! Tell us how you got started. Aw, thank you. Funny story! I started my …


Unwind With Nature in the Hills of Sohra, Meghalaya

Summer is almost ending and most of the monsoon rain has ceased. This means that the perfect season for travel has begun and our readers are certainly giving us vacation feels with their social media posts! The great weather makes for the perfect time to get away from the hustle and bustle for a trip!  Khliehshnong Village located on the way to Nohkalikai Falls, Meghalaya. One of our readers, Angule Mero from Nagaland, recently went on a small trip to Sohra, a small town in Meghalaya, only a few kilometres away from Shillong. Also known as Cherrapunji, this is one of the wettest places on earth. It is truly a paradise with its scenic natural landscapes, clean and pristine surroundings, and warm people. From adventurous activities to quiet spots to relax, this place has got everything. The place is dotted with waterfalls and offers opportunities for trekking, zip-lining, and exploring caves. It has also got some beautiful resorts and homestays that will make your time there even better. Pack and hit the road!  Happy adventures!


Crafting Her Own Future — A Jewellery Maker and Owner of LS Jewellery, Lusano Sophie from Kohima

Stepping away from conventional careers, Lusano from Kohima took up an independent step and started her own venture. She launched her line of accessories, LS Jewellery. Inspired by handmade jewellery making, Lusano began experimenting with pieces, which led her to start her brand.  LS Jewellery features “elegant, feminine and minimalist designs that caters to people of varying tastes,” as she puts it. It’s versatile, chic and everything your wardrobe needs right now! Find out more about the story of this young and inspiring entrepreneur as we chat with her.  LS Jewellery is handmade and crafted by Lusano herself. Hello Lusano, tell us about yourself and what you’ve been up to recently! My name is Lusano Sophie. I just graduated with Economics Honors from Shillong. Besides my jewellery collection, I love reading and want to start a venture related to books. I’m working on it, so be on the lookout. Tell us about your venture LS Jewellery. What is the story behind this start up? I always loved collecting jewellery although I didn’t really wear them …


“I Dream to Travel The Whole of Northeast India” — Apen Tanujang From Mokokchung, Nagaland

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” – Jennifer Lee Apen Tanujang might be one of the few people who’ve explored almost every part of Nagaland. An adventure and nature lover at heart, Apen belongs to Mokokchung in Nagaland. After a trip he took in 2015, he was inspired to travel and explore his homeland and all of Northeast. So far, he has covered Meghalaya, Assam, Sikkim, Mizoram and Manipur, and dreams to travel to more places here.   Born and brought up Nagaland, he was always curious and adventurous about exploring every part of his homeland. This led him to explore most of Nagaland and Northeast. His Instagram feed is a visual treat that is sure to inspire you to grab your backpacks and go on an expedition. Read on to find out more about him!  Hey Apen, it’s a pleasure to have you here. Please introduce yourself to our readers! Hello, my name is Apen Tanujang, and I’m from Mokokchung Nagaland. I like to think of myself as a …


Retro Fashion is Trending this Spring in North-East India

Fashion is cyclical, in truth; trends are recurrent, and the best ones tend to come back in style in one way or another. This holds true for the evergreen fads of the 80’s and 90’s – which are taking on the fashion scene, and making one hell of a soar. One of those is the perennial style of the 90’s that resurfaces time after time, in its classic style or with a contemporary twist. Here are some trends that have stood the test of time.  How about embracing some retro futurism with 90’s inspired wraparound sunglasses? Accessories are one of the few items that have succeeded in out-winning time itself. If one apparel could sum up the retro trend, then it’d be the miniskirt! Miniskirts are the ultimate clothing piece that everyone needs to have to spruce up their wardrobes. These bottoms, with their preppy and timeless print, can brighten up any look. Dress it up or down, these checkered have got you covered for any event or just a ‘running errands’ kind of outfit. …

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#Faces | “Our School Gives Plenty of Opportunities to Learn Many Things Outside Our Textbooks and Meet New People” – Imliren, Student of Fernhood School, Kohima

“This photo was taken outside my school – Fernwood School in Kohima, with my friends. We took this photo after our school hours before heading home. We had just joined our new school, so we stayed back for a while to explore the campus.  What I like best about going to school is meeting new people and making new friends. As we learn things from each other, we also build good memories and that is something I truly treasure. Fernwood School teaches us how to be independent and gives us the opportunity to involve ourselves in various extracurricular activities. We get to explore new things and it gives us the privilege to learn new things outside of our textbooks. I look forward to going to school every new day.” Imliren (third from the left) and her friends stop to take a photo before heading home, outside their school – Fernwood School in Kohima as they create some beautiful and everlasting high school memories. Imliren (middle) and her friends outside their school, Fernwood School, Kohima


Talented Hairstylist Joseph Hauzel from Mizoram Wants Us To Be Inspired by His Colourful Work and His Story!

“Follow your dreams” – is a saying we’re all too familiar with. No matter how small or big, it is much easier said than done. It takes courage to take that leap towards commiting to develop the passion that drives each one of us to achieving our dreams. When Joseph Hauzel from Mizoram decided to take the plunge and chase after a career in hairstyling, all he had was a good senses of self belief. He listened then and now continues to listen to his intuition and stays positive when criticisms do not come gently. He used it as a tool to work harder for his own personal growth. Joseph is an inspiration and a living example for all of us to follow our hearts no matter what our circumstances. Today, we are happy to feature Joseph Hauzel who is a professional hairstylist from Mizoram. He talks about the hardships he went through while starting off in the industry, what made him follow his dreams and how he’s steadily risen to the top. Hello Joseph! …


Meet Pito Kiba, A Hard-Working And Passionate Baker From Nagaland And His Advice On Following Your Dreams

“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it”. -Buddha We first met Pito Kiba, 2 years ago in 2016. He shared with R&L all about the series of phases he went through in his life while discovering his dreams. Being confident and sure about his career and skills as a professional baker has brought him to where he is today. Pito has come a long way since our first chat and doing what he loves only makes him work harder and better. Let’s find out about everything he’s been up to ever since our last meeting. 28-year-old Pito Kiba from Dimapur, Nagaland is a passionate home baker who runs his own baking business under the name, “That Baker Kiba”. Hi Pito! It’s a pleasure to have you back with us after two good years! Tell us what you have been up to since our last chat. Hello R&L, thank you for having me back again. Since we last spoke, over the past few years, I have been able to cater …