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DJ Aloza, From Kohima, Talks About Her Journey As A Disc Jockey

DJ Aloza (formerly known as Zaza) was always into music, specially EDM and rap. This love translated into Deejaying, which she picked up back in 2013. Inspired by a fellow DJ, Aloza honed her skills and is on her way to make a mark in the music industry.

She’s a full-time DJ now, hustling with a busy schedule. However, she took out time to chat with us about her profession and more. 

  • Hey Aloza! Please introduce yourself.

Hi, I’m Aloza (formerly know as Zaza). I am from Kohima but currently living in Dimapur. I did my studies from Mount Hermon School, Kohima and my college from Patkai Christian College. I am a full time DJ now.



  • Tell us about your profession as a DJ!

My genre is Bass House and Hip Hop. I also sing and rap. I’m a big fan of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and I always wanted to become a DJ. Here I am now!


DJ Aloza

  • What inspired you to become a DJ?

It was way back in 2013 when I met DJ Ina who encouraged and inspired me to take it up as a career. Right now I’m signed under his co-ownership record label, InfinityInc. He is my mentor, a brother and a good friend.

  • Have you come across any challenges in your journey?

For me, each performance is a challenge and a learning experience. Nothing comes easy and smooth!

  • What do you hope people take away from you when they come to see your performance?

I hope when they come to watch me, they enjoy my music and go home happy and worked out. (You know dancing is a really good exercise. :))

  • Any message to your fans?

Thank you to all for the overwhelming love and support. It really means a lot. Big love!

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