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Doodling for Delight: A Doodle Artist and Her Assorted Journey So Far | Meet Rinchin Choden from Shillong


Bonded to art by sheer fate, here’s a conversation with a budding artist from Shillong, who doodles her way out to find the inspiration she has always wanted.

Meet Rinchin Choden, a doodle artist from Arunachal Pradesh, living her dream amidst the other creative talents of Shillong and creating  an art form that’s a part of her now. Let’s hear what she has to say about her journey till now.


Photo: Rinchin Choden

From Arunachal to Shillong, how did your journey start?

I came over to Shillong for college. It was a three years degree course but luckily right after graduation, I bagged a job as an intern at a design studio. So I decided to stick around and now the love affair between me and Shillong has spanned for 12 years.

Your have a great collection of doodle art, tell us something about it. How did you get started as an artist?

Thanks! Strangely, I was never an art lover, till I started doodling in 2016 out of sheer boredom and fell completely in love with it after that!


Rinchen working on some wall artwork at The Grub, Shillong


The Grub, Shillong

  • What are your sources of inspiration? Is there any theme behind your doodle art?

Honestly, everything is an inspiration for me. If I had to narrow it down to one thing, then I’d say nature is one of my biggest inspirations.

“About a theme, I don’t restrict myself to choosing a particular theme, I let it choose me and that’s how it has always catered to my imagination and I’ve loved every single part of it.”


Artwork by Rinchin Choden


Artwork by Rinchin Choden

Is there anything you want to achieve through your art?

Art has become a lifestyle that helps me relax. It rejuvenates and emancipates me, so I’d like to spread the same positivity I get from it and continue creating art that speaks to the people and just give them a sense of good vibe when they see it.

How do you share your art? Are they up for sale?

Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have helped me hugely in sharing my art to people and are my primary sources of commerce. I have also sold a few via “the small art project”. It has helped in turning my artwork into some really cool merchandise which was a pretty good experience and I look forward to some more.

Can you tell us about a recent project of yours that you’re particularly proud of?

I really enjoyed creating an artwork of the earth in my own special way, which has garnered a bit of recognition.


Earth artwork for World Environment Day by Rinchin Choden

You can follow Rinz’s doodles and her amazing artworks on her Instagram and Facebook

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