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Badal On A Trip To Krang Shuri – A New Tourist Hot Spot in Meghalaya

Recently, my expedition took me to yet another unexplored site in the hills of Meghalaya. It seemed as if nature has blessed these hills with innumerable locations that travelers from afar get attracted to.

Here’s how it began. After almost an hour journeying from Shillong towards Jowai, then taking another 45 minutes towards Amlarem, we finally reached our destination, Krang Shuri. A beautiful bliss of nature and a must visit for everyone travelling to Meghalaya.


Photo | Krang Shuri Waterfalls in Meghalaya

You would need to walk another kilometer or so to reach the location but on the way,  you can see the waterfall from a distance. My friend, who came along couldn’t resist taking a picture.


Photo| Dipping in the natural pool, Krang Shuri, Meghalaya.

From this place walk for about 5 minutes and you will reach the ticket counter. A minimum of ₹30 per person is charged as an entry free to Krang Shuri. Upon entry, we saw a huge crowd carrying their life jacket (for safety of course) heading towards a mini dam like structure where you could swim. We arrived near the natural pool and the first thing that we did was to take a plunge. Definitely not something that you would want to miss.

There were mostly youth and few families here. After almost 2 hours in the water we then found our way to the falls. The first word that came out of me was ‘WOW’. It was gigantic and looked like a wall of white satin threaded with silver. It had a beautiful serenity-pool at the bottom.

You can have a similar view from the other side of the falls as well but let me be perfectly honest, I came here today with no high expectation of this place. I’ve seen such things in the movies but seeing it myself, I felt like I could live here for the rest of my life on a mini tree house somewhere nearby.

The trip was a day long and it was worth every second of my short vacation. If you are a traveler, fond of scenic views or a photographer, try visiting Krang Shuri, not just for the waterfall but also for the road leading to Krang Shuri as it is no short of nature’s beauty.


Photo | Waterfall at Krang Shuri,Meghalaya.


Photo | Krang Shuri Falls, Meghalaya


Badal Nyalang

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