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The Book ‘Roots’ Inspired me to Delve Deeper into My Roots – But I have a Different Perspective on Identity

“The story of  Kunta Kinte inspired a generation of people to delve deeper into understanding their history and roots. I am from a different generation and of a different race but this book inspired me to return home and seek out my own history. (I am a Rongmei Naga, born to a Gangte mother, who grew up in a mixed community town, living in a state that is not Nagaland, speaking as many as 5 languages).

While the pursuit didn’t answer all my queries, it made me reconcile myself with the perennial question of my identity- that it is not based on my historical grouping but on what I do with my life while I am alive.”

.. and we believe that knowing your roots can help identify your unique skills, to contribute to the new communities you join.


Photo coutesy : @saintkamei

I keep recommending this book to people and somehow I also end up losing my copy. Yes, there are people who don’t return books they borrow. I was pleasantly surprised by @pem5398 yesterday. I had recommended this book to her, and instead I got it as a gift from her. Makes me wonder if it was because she got spooked by its huge volume or if it was out of generosity. 17 years of friendship says it is the latter. ” ~ Saint Kamei, Storyteller, Photographer

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