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Fresh Produce from my Kitchen Garden

After years of studying and working outside of Nagaland, coming back home has brought me closer to the ‘green thumb’ revolution here. It’s just so refreshing to see people cooking fresh vegetables  – plucked straight from their kitchen garden. We love our greens!

It’s by far, one of the best craft I’ve learnt as it makes me connected with something that our ancestors thrived upon, and is still alive today. Growing fresh vegetables in your backyard is also super therapeutic and is so satisfying to see a tiny seed grow into fresh produce.  I already feel fit and healthy! So go on . . . grow something and share your experiences.

rootsandleisure_fresh vegetables from the garden

“A life without a garden is a life wasted.” ~ Sungdi 🙂

rootsandleisure_my favorites

I’m a salad person any day. Here are some of my favourites – Cherry tomatoes, mint, water crest roots.

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