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Artist Imkong Imchen From Nagaland Talks About His Recent Single ‘2:00 AM AGAIN’

It is often said that our struggles shape us. Everything that happens has an ultimate role to play in writing the story of one’s life. Unlike most,  some take it as a source to move forward. With every new artist, there is a new lesson to learn. Today is no exception. Imchen from Longjang village is here to teach us that no matter what painful sorrows and hardship one faces, it all comes down to how well they use that event to his advantage.

An exceptional guy with much talent, he paints, writes but, most importantly, he has released a new single ‘2:00 am again’.

An honest chat with Imkong Imchen, artist from Nagaland to talk about his inspiration, hobbies and his recently song release!


Imkong Imchen from Nagaland

  • Hello Imkong, why don’t we get started by getting to know something more about you?

Hi, my name is Imkong Imchen but people call me Pipo and I’m still trying to find the reason why. I represent the Ao community from Longjang village, Nagaland. I’m a 3rd year student, aspiring to one day become a missionary.

  • What inspired you to write songs or sing?

Way back in 2012, my dad passed away. It was unexpected and unfortunate and came to me as a great shock. It left me broke inside. Being the son, everyone expected me to be strong and I knew I needed to be strong for my mom and sister. I acted it, but deep down I was hurting. I remember, every time I felt tears filling my glasses, I would run towards the garden to hold them back. Weeks, months and years passed by, but it was really hard for me to accept the fact that never will I see dad’s face again.

At such times (in 2014), I started to portray my feelings in pictures. My pain and my untold sadness in lyrics, not with the intention to let people understand my pain but because it made me feel good. It was an outlet. A way for me to breathe again. Music and painting became the soul of my heart, it spoke more when words failed to express.

Imkong Imchen for his newly released ‘2:00 AM AGAIN’


Imkong Imchen for his newly released ‘2:00 AM AGAIN’

  • How did it all begin, you and your music?

I never enrolled into any music school. My dad being a fine acoustic guitarist wanted me to get my hands on the strings, thereby gifted me an acoustic guitar on my birthday and taught me how to strum. Eventually he left me, that’s when I started to get back to my guitar even more. Music became my best friend, something that could ease away my pain.

  • What is the story of your song?

My new single “2:00am again” talks about the struggles I faced, also how struggles transformed me into an optimistic person. Instead of giving up, I started to portray my feelings in pictures and in lyrics.

  • They say to know the song we need to know the artist, if so is the song in any way related to your life events?

Yes very much indeed as the lyric goes:

“1. Oh! It’s 2:00am again
My pillow is calling me
I just can’t lay down

Hey, my brushes on the floor
Guitar in my hand
My fingers on the bar

Ch# And now
So many song’s been written in my soul.
I sing them every night
Oh how lonely is the night
I have to learn to tame my soul.

2. Oh! I’m learning to walk away
From things not meant for me
I’m better on my own.

Hey, I’m dancing with the moon
My soul is somewhere far
Far away from home

Back in twenty twelve
I lost my mind.
Can’t even share my pain.
I was crawling in my bed.

  • What is the message of your song?

I decided to walk away from the pain I was going through, learnt to tame my soul created myself a better zone to fit in. That is all about my new single “2:00am again.”

  • What are the stuff that you do besides singing?

I have keen interest in photography and filmmaking, writing poems and stories (available in wattpad). I spend most of my leisure time in painting.

Short clip titled “Kiss the Rain” by Imkong as he practise filmaking

A Poem, “Tears to Today” by Imkong Imchen


A Poem, “Tears to Today” by Imkong Imchen

  • What inspired you to paint and what are the techniques that you mostly use?

As music, painting was never a hobby. Anyhow, I could somehow paint as I remember getting A grade in drawing during high school. My inspiration for painting also came as an outlet for me to breathe again. There are certain techniques I use, mostly building texture, glazing, dry brushing and sponging.

Imkong’s art of a naga village


Imkong’s art of a naga village


One of Imkong’s amazing aartwork

  • Any plans on releasing more songs in the future?

I don’t plan on pursuing music as a career but I will definitely release more songs!

  • Lastly, any message for our beloved readers?

I would love to convey the message just as my motto goes, “Life is better when you have many things to worry about”, and to inspire people, you need to have a testimony. If you are living a happy life and yet say “life is hard” you are not yet born. And lastly, be humble and walk the path of hard work. Cause your hard work never betrays you.

To know more about Imkong Imchen, follow him on Instagram! Here’s his recently released “2:00 AM AGAIN” Enjoy!

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