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“My First Visit To Mizoram And The Place Has Already Captured My Heart” – Suraj Kumar Nath From Assam

It was my first visit to Mizoram and the place has already captured my heart! For me, it was one of the best place in the North-east of India. People are warm and nice, well cultured and I find the capital, Aizawl, as a very disciplined city – especially how the locals follow the traffic rules was impressive. And not to forget, the street food there was amazing too! Although, communicating with the local taxi drivers was a little difficult because of language barrier. 

We were 8 college friends and came from Silchar Assam to take this trip. The photo was taken at the viewpoint of Reiek Tlang, one of the hills located just outside Aizawl (about 12 kms away) and is a popular destination for adventure seekers. The view surrounding the hill is breathtaking and makes the visit worthwhile. It was raining in the morning while we were in the capital but luckily when we reached the top of the hill, it stopped and the weather was just pleasant and perfect. The fog left too and we felt so grateful to get to witness the beautiful view.

We had a lot of fun time taking photos and one unforgettable moment was when one of my friend tried to pass me over his cap to take picture, the strong winds took it away before I could catch it. And we never got it back. (laughs) 

– Suraj Kumar Nath, final year Engineering student from Tezpur, Assam.

Suraj Kumar Nath and his friend at the top of Reiek Tlang’s amazing viewpoint, Mizoram


Suraj Kumar Nath and his friend at the top of Reiek Tlang’s amazing viewpoint, Mizoram

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