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Inla, The Owner of Inla’s Genesis, Talks About How She Quit Her Corporate Job to Launch Her Jewelry Business

Inla had been working in the corporate sector for 10 years but always knew that her passion was jewelry-making. In 2015, she took the bold step of quitting her well paid job to start her own jewelry venture, Inla Genesis. She hasn’t looked back since!

A passionate business woman and artist from Kohima, she creates customised jewelry pieces. No two customers of hers have the same piece and that’s what makes her venture special. We chatted with the inspiring woman about her work and more.


Inla – Owner of Inla’s Genisis

  • Hi! Tell us something about yourself?

I’m known as Inla and I am an artist. I grew up in Kohima and now I shuttle between Delhi and Kohima. I have a jewelry venture called Inla Genesis.

  • Tell us about your venture Inlas Genesis. What’s special about it? 

I started Inla’s Genesis mid-2015. All my jewellery pieces are single pieces, so each client owns something unique which no one else will possess. I customise earrings, rings, cufflinks, coat lapel and pins with pictures of loved ones or initials, as per the request of the clients.  Most of my pieces are made out of atural gem stones, fresh water pearls, crystals, silver, 10K gold and handcrafted resin epoxy beads.

Epoxy and resin are polyepoxides which are reactive perpolymer and polymer. The main difference between both adhesive types is the drying time. Epoxy resin has to be mixed properly in order to set it right. We can mix different kind of colours and pigment according to our choices, after which we cast it over silicon mould or into the mould which we can create accordingly to the shapes and sizes required. We can use dry pressed flower and leaves, artificial flowers, beads, pictures, wood, glitter and many other things to make beautiful resin epoxy crafts.

  • What is the story behind the name and the brand?

Inla’s Genesis to me is “Freedom”, like the meaning of Genesis “the beginning or Origin”. I wanted to explore the possibilities of creating new things.


Inla’s custom jewellery

  • What was the inspiration behind the idea?

I was always into accessories from a very young age. And with living in a city where raw materials were easily available, I wanted to explore the possibilities of creating new things. In the beginning, I started to make it for my personal use but gradually friends and colleagues wanted them and showed interest in owning the jewellery. After a decade of working in the corporate world, things changed for me in 2015 and I stood at the crossroad where I had to choose between my well paying job or an artisan with no professional training and zero possibilities of good payments and success. But today as I look back, I don’t regret the choice I made taking this direction.


Inla’s custom pieces

  • How have your roots or upbringing influenced your work or working style?

I have been exposed to a very rich cultural tradition among which jewellery has always played a major role since our forefathers. We are known worldwide for our rich and colourful jewelry and traditional attire.

Nagas are known for our sense of fashion and we don’t hold back in experimenting with new ideas, mixing modern and traditional accessories to make their own unique statements, be it the older or younger generation.

  • Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur?

No. After completing my masters, I had been working with the corporate sector in the public relation field, which I always wanted to do. Making jewellery was a hobby which is now my full-time career.


  • What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced so far and what have you learnt from them?

My biggest challenge so far are the procurement of raw materials, but I have managed that for now.

  • Tell us more about the product and service you sell.

My products include:

  1. Jewelries like necklace, earrings, rings and bracelets.
  2. Accessories like cufflinks brooches coat lapel and pins.
  3. Home decors like frames and coaster cast in resin epoxy.

Since I have been an avid collector of jewellery and always go for the best quality, I use the best quality products and test its durability before handing it out to my clients.


Inla’s custom pieces

  • Where can we buy them?

You can purchase my products in ‘Made in Nagaland’ building, online stores like Ilando and my instagram and FB account Inlas Genesis. My Price Ranges from INR 100 onwards, depending on the material and the beads. I don’t want my accessories to be overpriced and lay in shelf collecting dust,  but by being reasonable doesn’t mean my products are of cheap quality. I use good quality raw material and beads and for my jewellery.

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