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“This is Me at My Best With All My Flaws.” – Kekhrie Ringa from Nagaland on Her Latest Music Video ‘Made for You’

The bold, the beautiful, and the very talented singer from Nagaland – Kekhrie Ringa, is busy working on her upcoming album “Bohème” – and she just released a new video! The song is called ‘Made For You.‘ We had a quick late-night chat to get some deets behind the song and the video, and her upcoming projects.

If you want to know more about Kekhrie Ringa – the person, and her beginnings, check out her interview with R&L – way back in 2017. <HERE>


Singer Kekhrie Ringa from Nagaland

“I want to be 100 % honest and authentic especially when I put my music out. Every single song is a reflection of the person that I am. I don’t want to simply look like the idea of what people have about me nor the idea of the overrated perfection.

As the songs and videos come in one by one, you’ll get to know me better…You may choose to embrace it or walk away …and that’s ok. And even if you, someday, end up hating me…Be kind, for Art cannot please everyone. It can only vibe with its twin.”  ~ Kekhrie Ringa

Kekhrie Ringa | A shot from her new music video ‘Made For You’


Kekhrie Ringa | A shot from her new music video ‘ Made For You’

  • R&L: Tell us more about the song ‘Made For You’ from your upcoming album “Bohème”

Kekhrie: This song was written and composed by Shalo Kent. It was originally a piano-driven song but I wanted to make it sound like me so we went dark on it.

  • R&L: We loved the video! Where was this shot?

Kekhrie: This video was shot near the Green Door Resort, Sovima, Nagaland. The videographer is Toshi Longchar (of Ozüki Studios).

Kekhrie Ringa with Aasalie Peseyie of Infinity Inc, Nagaland


Kekhrie Ringa with Aasalie Peseyie  of Infinity Inc, Nagaland

  • R&L: Any special relevance of the song and its lyrics with your life.. or an inspiration source?

Kekhrie: I imagine my future hubby when I sing this song, so maybe someday when I choose my man…I’d sing it for him..

  • R&L: You look great in the video! Who made that outfit for you?

Kekhrie: I bought it online. I love red (It’s one of my favorite colors). The dancer’s dress, I got it tailored. I wanted my dancer to be as free as she wanted to with a touch of madness so I dressed her up as my personal doll. She looked amazing. I think dancers can pull off anything!

Making the Video ‘Made for You’ | Kekhrie Ringa with the dancer.


On-Location – Making the Video ‘Made for You’ | Kekhrie Ringa with the dancer

  • R&L: What’s next on your platter? What more should your fans expect from u in the coming months?

Kekhrie: I have one more video set to release soon. One final song recording to complete the album “Bohème.” You can expect 100% honesty and authenticity. 

My songs, my videos, my outfits, and everything that I am on and off-camera is who I am. My friends and fans can expect nothing but authenticity from me. I’m a woman, I am comfortable in my skin and I love being bold. If we confine ourselves to the measuring tape of stereotypical minds, we will never grow.

I feel that I am going to have two kinds of audience…one will be completely in love with me and the other will cover their eyes and ears as well and that, people, is what art is. I can’t please everyone. I want to be honest with my audience. Let’s stop pretending to be what we aren’t. This is me at my best with all my flaws. Enjoy it.❤️

​Check out Kekhrie Ringa’s Lastest Music Video ‘Made for You’

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