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“My Top 7 Tunes From The Hills Of Nagaland” by Jungio

Our contributor and music aficionado Jungio has shared another list of his top seven songs from Naga artists. He also adds a personal commentary about each of the tunes, and why he thinks we should give them a listen. Over to Jungio! “Despite the paltry infrastructures and less-than-ideal circumstances, musical talents from the region have been able to put Nagaland on the map for something worth writing about and beyond. So without much further ado, let’s shine a spotlight on these stars and their tunes that deserves your attention and your listening ears.” ~ Jungio Here’s the Top 7 tunes curated from the hills of Nagaland. “See” by Tuden Jamir  There are songs with piercing lyrics, there are songs with evocative melodies and then there is this song from the songwriter extraordinaire, Tuden, who effortlessly brings together both these elements in this outstanding track – with the finesse and showmanship of a musical alchemist. “This song is the de-facto anthem of any twenty-something-someone swimming against the tempestuous tides of conventionalism and conformity, a love letter to the …


New Music Video by our Favorite Naga Artist Virie

Folks – the gorgeous and talented singer and songwriter Virie just released her latest single “My Summer” on YouTube. The video is as dreamy and magical as her voice – shot in the beautiful Dzulake Valley in Nagaland. And as though the song wasn’t enough to enchant the listeners, the beautiful backdrop takes the viewer to a fairytale land – where summer and winter come together in perfect harmony . . ♫ How, how long will I walk alone Thousand miles on my own Miles to go before I sleep  Those summer days is all I dream ♪ Will I ever see you on the other side? Will you ever sing to me and make my night? ♪ This video was shot on a winter afternoon (2015 winters, according to Virie). But by the looks of it, it appears that Virie was indeed able to summon the summers after all. Check out the beautiful sun rays blending in perfectly with the color of winter. Watch the official music video ‘My Summer’ by Virie Song written and composed by Virie …


Introducing the Phenomenal Singer Songwriter from Nagaland – Virie!

The first time we heard her sing, chills ran down our spine. Then we checked out her other songs and we couldn’t stop talking about her! We are talking about Virie – the talented and sensational singer songwriter from Nagaland. Virie is from Kohima Village, and currently teaching music in a local music school . She started out doing cover songs on youtube, and with the overwhelming positive response from viewers, she released an original Down that road (scroll down for video) along with her two friends (Zaza and Temjen). Below is an excerpt from an interview we did with Virie. So Virie, tell us more about your single ‘Down that Road’. For those who haven’t heard it yet, how would you describe this song? Is it an original composition? Well, the song is about one of life’s many phases that one goes through. It’s about taking a pause – forgetting all grudges and pains, and embracing solitude after you’ve been through hard times; that is when then you get reconnected to your soul and “Down That Road” is about that very moment. Yes it’s …