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A Chat With 19-Year-Old Keyicudauke Iranggau aka Keyi Zeliang, Passionate Singer From Nagaland

We come across so many young and talented musicians in the social media and couldn’t help but reach out to them to have a little chat about their passion and inspiration! Everyone has a different story to tell and today we have Keyicudauke Iranggau, who is better known as Keyi Zeliang. She is a passionate singer hailing from a small village called ‘Old Jalukie’ in Nagaland. She has been performing in church since her younger days and been at different platforms as well. Keyi is enthralling her fans with her powerful and melodious voice as well.

We had a quick chat with Keyicudauke Iranggau, passionate singer from Nagaland to talk about how it all started, her inspiration and dreams!


Keyicudauke Iranggau from Nagaland

  • Hello! Please tell us a little about yourself.

Hi! My name is Keyicudauke Iranggau aka Keyi Zeliang and I am 19-years-old originally from a small village in Nagaland called ‘Old Jalukie’. I’m presently in my 5th semester, pursuing BA Political Science honours at Pranabananda Women’s College, Dimapur,

Currently, I’m also taking music classes at the Institution for Music Education which is located in Duncan, Dimapur. I have performed in various competitions and by the grace of God, I have won some.

  • What initially sparked your interest in singing and music?

I have always been passionate about singing since my childhood days. Music was a part of me and I had started singing at a very young age.


Keyicudauke Iranggau performing on stage


Keyicudauke Iranggau singing in church during Christmas

  • Where do you take inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from my mother. She was a singer herself and was in the church choir. She inspires me to sing with my heart and make music.

  • What do you hope people take away from your music?

I hope whenever and wherever I sing, I could inspire people. I wish to get involved in church ministry in the future.

To know Keyicudauke Iranggau better, follow her on Instagram! Here’s Keyi enthralling everyone with her powerful voice covering “A Million dreams”. Hope you enjoy it!

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