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‘I Live To Sing and Perform’ — L’nee Golay, a 19-years-old Singer-Songwriter From Bangalore

L’nee Golay is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter from Bangalore. She picked up the guitar at the age of 9 and fell in love instantly. With her soulful voice, she’s on her way to make a mark in the music industry. Her music has soul-pop personality, and she defines it as ‘calm and cool but intense and emotional’. 

We were excited to sit down and have a conversation with her about her life and the launch of her EP in the coming months.

Meet L’nee!

  • L’nee, we are pleased to have you here! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m L’nee Golay, a 19-years-old singer-songwriter/artist. I was born in Nepal but have spent most of my life here in India in a couple of different places. My family currently live in Bangalore, where I lived for the past 8 years.

I’ve studied music at Leeds College of Music. In Leeds, I’ve been busy making music, meeting so many amazing musicians from all walks of life and collaborating with them. I’ve released two songs in the past year, and currently working towards recording and releasing an EP in the coming months!

Her first gig in Leeds, UK – Northern Guitars Cafe Bar

L’nee and her friends in Leeds, UK

  • If your music were a person, how would you describe him/her?

I think my music is a reflection of me as a person – at first, it comes across as quiet, calm but still cool. As you listen more to it, it gets louder, more intense, and emotional. I would describe the genre of music as Soul-Pop. I’m still working on fine-tuning my sound but I’m getting there! 

L’nee and her lovely family!

Her family out to support her.

  • What inspired you to pursue music?

My dad has the biggest role to play here. Having been a musician in his late teens/early adulthood himself, he pushed me to take up open mics, introduced me to so many of my idols and influencers. He was even my official guitarist until I left for Leeds! 

I first picked up the guitar when I was 9 but my music only matured when I was around 13. From then pm, I did open mics around town and started receiving offers for gigs at different venues and events. That’s how everything began. 

I’ve played at festivals and opened for various admirable musicians. I’ve supported one of my idols, Tipriti Kharbangar, and her band Soulmate. 

At a gig in Chennai.

  • How would you describe a day in your life?

Most of my days are spent writing songs, singing, messing about on instruments, spending time with my friends/roommates and Netflix.

The muse comes and goes but I try not to wait for inspiration to hit me because if that was the case I’d be writing one song a year. So I might write a few bad songs (or loads of them), whine about my lack of inspiration to my friends for a few days but I move on and sure enough, a good song is always round the corner. 

L’nee with her band.

  • We’re sure you’ve been asked this question before but what does music truly mean to you?

I am a solo artist but I have very recently formed a band. Through this process, I have realised that I LIVE to perform.

There’s nothing like getting up on a stage with all of your favourite people and just having the time of your life, dancing and singing and making people move, laugh and cry to music that you wrote – it’s exhilarating and humbling. I would love for people to connect with me, feel inspired, feel joy and surrender to all the feels. 

A young L’nee and her father giving a performance and talk at TEDx

  • Beautiful! What are your plans for the future? 

I released my first solo single 2 months ago. It’s called ‘Her’ and it’s the most personal song I’ve ever written. It’s about the LGBTQ+ community and their lack of acceptance in our current society. My hope is that in the near future, it will reach and inspire a larger and broader audience.

Thank you L’nee for sharing your music and chatting with us. We hope your music reaches many more hearts!

Follow L’nee’s beautiful voice on her Instagram!

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