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Roots & Leisure Marketplace is Live!

We are super excited about this next step in the Roots & Leisure journey : A Buying and Selling Platform!

Today we launch R&L Shop – an online marketplace, where our readers can now buy and sell anything handmade.

Roots and Leisure Shop is Now Live!

One small sip of a cup of tea, a giant sip into the cultural cauldron. Was that too cheesy? 🙂

It all started with a cup of tea with some good ‘ol friends, and it has come to a point where we have a whole community driving the initiative. Ever since the launch of the blog [in the month of March 2016], many stories about entrepreneurs, local artists and people have donned the face of the blog – in addition to stories about various nuggets of culture like food, travel, local art etc.

We now bring to you an online marketplace, from where our readers can start buying from artists/entrepreneurs that we have written about. Most importantly, we want this marketplace to act as a source of inspiration for each one of our readers, so that they can also start a hobby soon – and start selling!


RootsandLeisure_Shop RootsandLeisure_Shop RootsandLeisure_Shop

  • What to expect from the shop

We currently have some really cool products under ‘FASHION‘ ‘ACCESSORIES‘ ‘APPARELS‘ ‘BAGS‘, ‘CRAFTS and ‘FOOD‘. As most of these products are handmade items made by individuals, it would be difficult to source such items elsewhere – hence making Roots & Leisure Shop – the ultimate place to find unique and exclusive items. Sellers get their own branded shop – giving them a good amount of freedom to ‘do-up’ their shop. HAPPY SHOPPING!

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Football fan turned start-up enthusiast. He is the co-founder of Bangalore based Motormechs – a startup that offers roadside assistance on demand.

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