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“We Can Be As Free As We Want To be – Through Our Imagination” | Meet Artist & Illustrator, Tekalong Longkumer

Don’t we all agree that art is such a beautiful medium of reading into the minds of people? All you need to do is spend some time going over an artist’s work, and you can get a good idea about the thoughts and the mood of the creator – spend some more time, and sometimes you can even see a piece of their life story; even the way an onlooker interprets an artwork can be pretty revealing.

Given the fact that we are endlessly fascinated by people and their stories, an artist’s portfolio is gold! From the experienced to the newbie, there is an ocean of emotions and stories to be uncovered. We live for such discoveries. So once again, over a weekend catchup over tea, we came across some refreshing artwork on Facebook that somehow brightened our day with it’s pure energy and calmness. We reached out to the artist to know more about him and his art, and it was indeed a refreshing chat.

Meet Tekalong Longkumer from Nagaland – a 20 year old visual design student, who wants to spread the idea of absolute freedom through his art. He believes one can be truly free if only they live their life doing what they love. 


Photo : Tekalong Longkumer

  • Hi Tekalong tell us how you came around to creating art?

As a child, I strongly believed that a world of surrealism existed. It got stronger as I developed a love for animation movies and graphic books and comics. That’s also how my views of art were formed – that, we get to be as free as we want to be; we have complete control over ourselves in our imagination, and that is soul-fulfilling for me as an artist.

By pursuing this field, I hope to preserve that childlike wonder in me. I also wish to help people escape into my world by bringing  life to my imaginations (carved through my childhood memories) through my art. It’s a beautiful escape – and I want people to experience it.


Photo : Artwork by Tekalong Longkumer


Photo : Artwork by Tekalong Longkumer


Photo : Artwork by Tekalong Longkumer

  • What are the things that matter most to you?

I try to have as much fun as I can in whatever I do – and I never rush my work. Time is of essence but so is enjoying every moment. I cherish learning by being open to new ideas and welcome constructive feedback. I am also not afraid to make mistakes.

  • What do you want people take away from your art?

To live in absolute freedom by being yourself. Live a life where you do what you love to do, so that you can live life to the fullest.  That’s what I hope people will take away from my art.

  • What is so interesting about working as a freelance artist? Tell us about your latest projects

I have started working independently as a freelancer. As a final year student, this helps me build a diverse and rich portfolio. But the best part is getting the opportunity to work with clients from afar which is exciting. I have  worked with clients from the United Kingdom, USA, and Canada. I take up these projects as a part of my overall learning experience.

I am also working on an interesting collab with a writer from Mexico. I’m helping him out with illustrations for a ‘Daily cartoon’ series based on social & political issues, and daily life happenings. Every illustration comes after a lot of exchange – so that I am able to capture his thoughts and reveal them as close as possible through my art. I feel I have gained a lot through him, and I am extremely proud of these new learnings I have acquired through this project.

Also as a gesture to give back to the art community (in whatever capacity I can), I’m doing an internship by teaching Diploma course students and making myself available for people with any art related queries. You can follow me and my work on my Facebook page

“The Princess read so that she would never need a Prince to rescue her. Her Book was her Escape”


Photo : Artwork by Tekalong Longkumer

“You’re Never too old to try anything”

RootsandLeisure_Tekalong Longkumer

Photo : Artwork by Tekalong Longkumer

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