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“My Mom’s Galho Restaurant Inspired Me to Open This Cafe” Pelevotuo Solo, Owner of “Mom and I” Cafe in Kohima

Growing up in Nagaland, dining out meant visiting the local “Chow & Momo” restaurants or being invited to a friend’s or relative’s house for dinner or tea. However, the food scene has significantly evolved over time, with new cafes, restaurants, lounges, and bakeries popping up every month. Today, one can be spoiled for choice with the abundance of options available.

What’s interesting to note is that most of these places have been founded and managed by passionate youngsters in Nagaland. It’s pretty fascinating and cool, isn’t it? The best part is that these founders often have interesting personal stories behind their food ventures. Today, we meet with Pelevotuo Solo, who runs a Galho restaurant in Kohima called ‘Mom and I’ Cafe. 

We chat with Pelevotuo Solo, owner of “Mom & I” cafe in Kohima Nagaland, to find out why all love this humble cafe.


Photo: Pelevotuo Solo, Owner of “Mom and I” Cafe, Kohima

  • R&L: Hi Pelevotuo, tell us the story behind your cafe “Mom and I” in Kohima.

Pelevotuo: I was born and brought up in Kohima, Nagaland and I have a Master’s Degree in Plant Pathology. After completing my education, I had to figure out how to keep myself occupied and earn a living. That’s when I thought opening up a cafe made the most sense, as I really enjoy serving good food – which gives me immense joy. “Mom and I” cafe was launched in Oct 2017.

My mom used to run a porridge (Galho) restaurant, and I grew up watching her feed people who loved her food – for almost 17 years. Her restaurant has nurtured our family and her customers alike. I was greatly inspired by her love and hard work and that’s when I chose to follow her footsteps and open up a cafe – but with a modern twist, keeping in mind the younger customers and their food preferences. Since it was inspired by my mom, I called it “Mom and I”


Photo: Inside “Mom and I” Cafe

  • R&L: Tell us what is so special about ‘Mom and I’ Cafe.

Pelevotuo: The place’s decor has been kept cozy with traditional lamp designs to give the feeling of a Mom’s kitchen. I want the customers to feel like they have walked into my mom’s kitchen. We also believe that a complete meal comprises a delicious meal and spiritual food. So you can see my favorite verse  John 6:35 written on the wall.

We try to serve the most delicious local dishes – including my mom’s famous “Mom’s Galho” We also have a mix of multi-cuisine dishes on the menu. Everything at “Mom and I” is pocket friendly and served with a generous amount of mother’s love 🙂


Photo: Inside “Mom and I” Cafe


Photo: Inside “Mom and I” Cafe

'Mom and I' Cafe address: 

Head over to the 1st Floor, United Traders, Near the KAK Store, Kohima for some delicious Galho and a host of spicy Asian snacks. We hear their peppery fried rice and Taiwanese beef noodles are a crowd’s favorite! Follow “Mom and I” on Instagram for some tasty updates!


Customers at Mom and I Cafe, Kohima, Nagaland

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