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Meet Asibu – Maker of Glamorous Jewellery

Lately, we have been witnessing some pretty awesome jewellery designers coming up from every corner – especially from the vibrant state of Nagaland. And we’re very proud to showcase each and every one of them. One of the most recent one to join the growing band of upcoming jewellery entrepreneurs is Asibu Yhoshu Peseyie, an NIFT graduate. We came across her jewellery brand  ‘Asibu‘ and they are absolutely gorgeous! No wonder everyone’s talking about them. If you haven’t yet come across them , fret not. What else are we here for? : )



Asibu has worked as an Assistant Designer for Amritraj Bora Couture, fashion brand that has styled for the likes of Malaika Arora Khan and Madhu Sapre. She has also worked alongside the renowned fashion stylist Mahima Shukla as an Assistant Stylist. Her career has now taken the natural turn by launching her own jewellery brand, Asibu. And, we can’t have enough of it!

  • Tell us a little more about ‘Asibu’ and the design mantra behind it?

Asibu is a handcrafted home-based jewellery brand that has been in the business since 2014. What’s special about it is that every jewellery piece is uniquely crafted and designed manually. Our fashion mantra is to focus on personalisation and to allow some breathing space for customisation.In terms of design, my focus is to create pieces that are sophisticated and elegant. I like to keep my designs clean, refreshing and slightly understated.


Asibu’s design mantra is to create understated, yet refreshing piecesrootsandleisure_asibujewellery3 rootsandleisure_asibujewellery5 rootsandleisure_asibujewellery4  rootsandleisure_asibujewellery1

  • What other elements do you draw design inspiration from?

This may sound like a cliché but I am inspired every day by a mélange of things around me. Usually, my inspiration comes from a pattern that I see somewhere or an outfit that I like. I try to connect to ideas that surround me and remain unnoticed until one looks for them.


Take a look at the brand’s Facebook page and Instagram, in case you’re interested.

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