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Naga Dish | Beef with Sun Dried Spring Onion

We had a small get together at home and we cooked our fav smoked beef dish. Thought we’d share it with you all. Again like most of my dishes – non fussy and super tasty.

RootsandLeisure_beef recipe

Left to Right : Sun dried spring onion, Smoked beef, Dried Bamboo shoot and dry red chillies


  1. 8-10 Dried red chillies
  2. 1/2 kg smoked beef
  3. 4 tablespoons of dried bamboo shoot
  4. 8-10 pieces of strands of sun dried spring onion
  5. ~500 ml of water
  6. Salt to taste

Dried Spring Onion and Chopped Smoked Beef


  1. Cut each of the smoked beef into 2″- 3″ pieces
  2. Put the smoked beef and chilies in a heavy lid utensil – put in salt and mix thoroughly
  3. Pour water , cover the lid and bring it to a boil and cook till done
  4. Clean and wash the dried spring onions, chop
  5. Just 5 minutes before you turn off your gas (after your meat is fully cooked) put in the chopped dried spring onions and dried bamboo shoot.
  6. Mix well and cover the lid and keep it for 5 mins.

Ready to Eat: Smoked Beef with bamboo shoot and Dried spring onion

Serve with steamed rice, with vegetable and chutney on the side.


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