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#Recipe | Khuvie Chutney Made With Tomato & Meat

Whenever you’re in a hurry but need to prepare a meal, simply make this spicy and tasteful Khuvie chutney. This simple recipe is a lifesaver for most people who don’t have enough time to cook extravagant dishes. The ‘Khuvie Chutney’ is a well known chutney and is mostly enjoyed with simple dishes like dal, or boiled curries. Read below to learn how to make the it.

Ingredients you’ll need :

  1. 1 or more King Chilli (depending on your spice intake)
  2. 1 tree tomato
  3. 4-5 stalks of spring onions (khuvie)
  4. Shredded dried meat
  5. Salt to taste

Ingredients for Khuvie

Directions to make :

  1. You can either roast the tree tomato or keep it raw. If you choose to roast it, roast the tree tomato over the stove, or the fireplace. Do not let it burn or over roast it. Keep it slightly raw, so that you get its flavour.
  2. Shred the dried meat into pieces and keep it in a bowl.


    Shredded meat

  3. Cut the spring onions into slightly smaller pieces.
  4. Crush the King Chilli with the added salt, until it turns into a paste. Peel the burnt parts of the tree tomato (if roasted) and mash it in the bowl of chutney. Add the smaller pieces of the spring onions into the mash.
  5. Mix the shredded pieces of dried meat into the chutney and mix it all together. Make sure that they are well mixed so that the ingredients come together to create the infamous tasty chutney, which is enjoyed in almost all Naga household.

Khuvie Chutney

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